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120.     Good Grief     (09/24/98)
Written by Christopher Lloyd/Directed by Pamela Fryman

To apologize for getting everyone at KACL fired, Frasier throws a picnic for the gang, where he discovers that everyone has found new jobs except for him and Roz. Frasier, whose whole identity revolved around his job, goes through the 5 stages of mourning, as some would do over the loss of a loved one.

guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny, KANDIS CHAPPELL as doris, FRAN KRANZ as aaron, MARSHA KRAMER as tooty, TIMOTHY OMUNDSON as director; co-starring ROBERT ARCE as george, DAWN McMILLAN as waitress, CRAIG GREEN as caterer; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

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121.     Frasier's Curse     (10/01/98)
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier is convinced that every 5 years when his reunion comes around, it coincides with a severe down turn in his life. He is reluctant to go because every time he goes, he ends up with the losers at table 97 singing "Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby" with the chess club's barber shop quartet, The Checkmates. He ends up going, thinking that this time it's going to be different, but alas...


122.     Dial M for Martin     (10/08/98)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by Ken Lamkin

The apartment is getting a bit crowded now that Frasier is unemployed. This prompts Martin to move in with Niles and Daphne, seeing the progress that Martin has made over the years, to move onto another job. After an accidental fall on Nile's stairs, Martin is convinced that Niles is trying to hurt him to make Daphne stay. In the meanwhile, Frasier enjoys having the apartment all to himself.

co-starring LAURA HARRING as rebecca wendell


123.     Hot Ticket     (10/15/98)
Written by Jeffrey Richman/Directed by David Lee

Niles is convinced that he is being shunned by his high society friends and it doesn't help that he and Frasier can't get tickets to see a play that is the talk of Seattle. When all is at a loss, they get invited to a late supper in honor of Sir Trevor, the star of the play. Frasier pulls off convincing the actor that he actually saw the performance, but will his conscious allow him to take joy in his deceit?

guest starring FRITZ WEAVER as sir trevor aimsley, NATALIJA NOGULICH as susan kendall, FRANCIS X. McCARTHY as steve kendall, SALLY CHAMPLIN as usher, JAMES CUNNINGHAM as dr. rob mandel;   co-starring JOE HOWARD as ticket seller, SIMON BROOKE as bartender, LYNN TUFELD as waitress


124.     First Do No Harm     (10/29/98)
Written by Jordan Hawley, William Schifrin/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Martin thinking that Frasier could use some cheering up, fixes him up with Duke's attractive daughter, Marie. But what would a woman like Marie, who could have anyone she wants, see in Frasier? He thinks he knows the reason when Marie starts seeking psychiatric advice from him.

special guest star TERI HATCHER as marie;   co-starring RANDY PELISH as customer

125.     Secret Admirer     (11/05/98)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier finds a gift from a secret admirer in his gym bag and seeks to find out who it is, even though he has just started seeing someone whom he really likes. It goes without saying that things blow up in his face when she finds out about what he's been up to. But is the secret admirer even his?

guest starring GRACE PHILLIPS as nancy, CYNTHIA K. AMBUEHL as madeline, ROSA BLASI as waitress

126.     How to Bury a Millionaire     (11/12/98)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Niles is being drained financially by his divorce so Frasier convinces him to sublet his place and move in with him for awhile. But you know what they say about fish and household guests...

guest starring MICHAEL McSHANE as frank;   co-starring WILLIAM DENNIS HUNT as mr. draper


127.     The Seal Who Came To Dinner     (11/19/98)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by David Lee

It's time for the Gourmet Club's annual "Golden Apron Awards." Niles wants to win desperately to salvage his fragile ego after the year he's been through. There is just one glitch -- the candidates vying for the award have to throw a dinner party. Having moved out of The Montana and into the Shangri-La, Niles searches for a place to hold the dinner party when he comes upon a brilliant idea... break into Maris' beach house while she is out of town. Just when everything appears to have fallen into place, Niles' dinner party curse strikes yet again in the guise of a dead seal that has washed ashore.

guest starring CHRISTOPHER DURANG as sebastian melmoth, CATHERINE DENT as claudia kynock, ARNIE BURTON as chef marcel, MARILYN CHILD as gretchen koontz, RAYMOND HANIS JR as officer mclean;   co-starring EUGENE LEE as officer athanis, SUSIE PARK as pam, SUSANNE BLAKESLEE as party guest


128.     Roz, a Loan     (12/10/98)
Written by Janis Hirsch/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Times are getting rough for Roz now that she is unemployed. Frasier loans Roz $1500 to tide her over until she gets another job. Even after having told her that she could do whatever she wants with the money, he is a bit dismayed when he sees her spending the money frivolously. Against the advice of everyone, he decides he has to confront her. In the meanwhile, Frasier and Roz are rehired by KACL when the All Salsa format results in the ratings for KACL being in "El Dumparacha."

guest starring TRICIA O'KELLEY as colette, PATRICK KERR as noel shempsky, MARCELO TUBERT as jorge


129.     Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz     (12/17/98)
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier is set up on a blind date with Faye Moskowitz, the daughter of a woman who helped him while he was out shopping for Christmas gifts. He hits it off with Faye, but it seems that her mother had mistakenly thought Frasier was Jewish because he had bought a menorah for Frederick who is half Jewish. In order to prevent confrontation between mother and daughter, Frasier goes about trying to fool Mrs. Moskowitz into believing that he is Jewish, but he has his work cut out for him with Niles dressed as Jesus, a Christmas tree in the bathroom, and ham cooking in the oven.

special guest star AMY BRENNEMAN as faye;   guest starring CAROLE SHELLEY as helen;   co-starring LOMBARDO BOYAR as delivery man, JIHAD HARIK as sales clerk

130.     Good Samaritan     (01/07/99)
Written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck/Directed by Sheldon Epps

All the good deeds that Frasier has done come to haunt him so when he sees a woman seeking shelter from the rain, he debates whether to help her or not, carefully weighing all the consequences of his action.

guest starring TREVOR EINHORN as frederick, DAVID H. FERGUSON as crystal, BETSY GARDNER as laura hilton;   co-starring ROSS GOTTSTEIN as wallet guy, WENDELL W. WRIGHT as fred, MICHAEL MARINO as patrolman, ERIC WARE as cop, ANDREA ANDES as bulldog's date;   guest callers RON HOWARD as stephen, WILLIAM H. MACY as ralph


131.     Our Parents, Ourselves     (01/21/99)
Written by Janis Hirsch/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier and Roz fix their parents up on a date, but things don't quite turn out as they had hoped when Roz's mother Joanna is taken with Martin who doesn't share those feelings. The real question is, are Frasier and Roz trying to fix their parents up for their parents' sake or their own?

special guest star EVE MARIE SAINT as joanna doyle;   guest starring ALICE PLAYTEN as bonnie;   co-starring ROCKY McMURRAY as shangri-lino;   guest callers PHIL DONAHUE as larry, MARLO THOMAS as sophie

132.     The Show Where Woody Shows Up     (02/04/99)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by Pamela Fryman

It's a "You Can't Go Home Again" scenario when Woody shows up in Seattle to attend the wedding of his cousins. Frasier and Woody reminisce about the good old days but soon Frasier realizes that that's all that they have between them. How can he tell Woody this without hurting his feelings? (filmed 12/23/98 -- pc135)

special guest star WOODY HARRELSON as woody boyd;   guest starring PATRICK KERR as noel shempsky;   co-starring ROGER FAN as waiter;   guest caller BEVERLY D'ANGELO as audrey;   and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

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133.     Three Valentines     (02/11/99)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Three vignettes: 1) Niles gets ready for a Valentine's date dinner at Frasier's when a misplaced crease in his pants ruins his evening, 2) Frasier is frustrated by the ambiguous signals on his date with the station's PR manager... is it a business or a romantic dinner? and 3) Martin and Daphne go out together but both are feeling a bit self conscious.

special guest star VIRGINIA MADSEN as cassandra stone;   co-starring PETER WALDMAN as violinist, LAWRENCE LOWE as waiter, ARMANDO MOLINA as mario, DAN KERN as maitre d'

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134.     To Tell the Truth     (02/18/99)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by David Lee

In an effort to drain Niles both financially and emotionally, Maris' lawyers try to drag out the divorce as long as they can, even saying that the divorce was a direct result of Niles' love for another woman - Daphne! - during the marriage. To help Niles out, Roz introduces him to Donny Douglas, a divorce lawyer that she once dated. Before you can say "urinal cake," Donny has succeeded in a week what Niles' previous lawyers couldn't do in a year. But there is another thing that Donny has succeeded in doing in a week; something that Niles hasn't been able to do in 6 years... win Daphne's heart.

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny douglas;   co-starring ALOMA WRIGHT as maria, PAUL CUSIMANO as waiter


135.     Decoys     (02/25/99)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Daphne and Donny have become closer and it's tearing Niles up inside. Just then Niles' gets a brilliant idea to break them up. He sets out to rekindle the romance between Donny and Roz by inviting the two of them up to the cabin that he got in his divorce settlement: "Why should two people be happy when four could be ecstatic!" Things don't go quite as planned when Martin and Frasier show up early and Roz and Niles have to pretend to be romantically involved to prevent Frasier from foiling their plan.

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny douglas


136.     The Dinner Party     (03/11/99)
Written by Jeffrey Richman/Directed by David Lee

Frasier and Niles decide to have a dinner party to get to know the couple of the moment. Their plans for the party starts to disintegrate when first they overhear a couple of invitees talk about the questionable relationship between Frasier and Niles on their answering machine after the caller accidentally leaves the receiver off the phone, they can't get the caterers of their choice, then the guests of honor cancel. What results is that they are stuck with a couple of drunks, their foster child from Argentina, Roz, and the couple who think that they are odd as guests, along with a third-rate caterer with a record for their party.


137.     Taps at the Montana     (03/25/99)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by David Lee

Niles is depressed and it doesn't help that he is still stuck living at the Shangri-La. Frasier convinces the person to whom he sublet Niles' place at The Montana to move out early so that Niles can return "home." As it turns out, the new tenant has caused nothing but annoyance to his neighbors with his constant tap dancing and the board wants to kick Niles out. In order to woo the tenants board over to his side, Niles throws a cocktail party, but things go awry when one of the board members and his cockatoo, Baby, die at the party.

guest starring ROSEMARY MURPHY as carol larkin, JACK SYDOW as alfred larkin RANDY DONEY as dr. maclowery, MIMI HINES as mrs. latimer, BILL MOREY as mr. probst; co-starring NINA MANN as miss finn, FIONA HALE as mrs. hawkins, JACK DONNER as mr. hawkins

138.     IQ     (04/08/99)
Written by Rob Hanning, Jay Kogen/Directed by David Lee

Frasier and Niles vie for the same item at an auction -- a luncheon with three nobel laureates. They end up bidding outrageous amounts of money and regret it afterwards. In trying to search for answers as to why they compete so, they recall IQ tests that they took as children which their mother wouldn't show them for fear of their competitiveness. The end result is we get to find out whose is bigger, which only serves to further spur on their competitiveness, and ultimately ruins their luncheon plans with the geniuses. (filmed 3/23/99 -- pc144)

guest starring PATRICK KERR as noel, CAROLEE CARMELLO as jody, DAVID AARON BAKER as waiter;   co-starring HOWARD SHANGRAW as auction official, PHYLLIS KATZ as woman at auction, JOSEPH LINDGREN as dr. zafrin

139.     Dr. Nora     (04/29/99)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by Katy Garretson

KACL is seeking another psychiatrist on their lineup. Of the finalists he was asked to interview, Frasier picks Dr. Nora for the job. It soon becomes clear to him, however, that he has made a huge error in judgement when she spouts her old fashioned and extremely judgemental points of view to her audience. In order to rectify his mistake and to prove that his method of counseling is better, Frasier tries to reunite Dr. Nora with her mother with whom she is estranged. However, it seems that all is not as it appears. (filmed 1/19/99 -- pc137)

special guest stars CHRISTINE BARANSKI as dr. nora fairchild, PIPER LAURIE as mrs. mulhern;   guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny;   co-starring DOUGLAS OWEN McDONALD as george;   guest callers GILLIAN ANDERSON as jenny, YO-YO MA as tom, BONNIE RAITT as denise, PIA ZADORA as jill


140.     When a Man Loves Two Women     (05/06/99)
Written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck/Directed by David Lee

Frasier has found happiness in a relationship with Cassandra when Faye comes back into his life. Cassandra is fun and spontaneous while Faye is cultured and intelligent. What is a boy to do?

special guest stars AMY BRENNEMAN as faye, VIRGINIA MADSEN as cassandra

141.     Visions of Daphne     (05/13/99)
Written by Janis Hirsch & Lori Kirkland /Directed by Robert H. Egan

Martin sees Donny buying an engagement ring. Upon first hearing the news, Daphne is ecstatic but then she starts seeing visions that she is meant to be with someone else. Knowing that Frasier won't take her visions seriously, Daphne seeks out Niles' council. Should she marry Donny or should she follow her vision? (filmed 2/17/99 -- pc140)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny;   guest starring SHARON MADDEN as mrs. woodson


142.     Shutout in Seattle (one hour episode)     (05/20/99)
Written by David Isaacs/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Love is in the air for everyone in the Crane household: Frasier is happy with Faye, Daphne with Donny, Martin with Bonnie and even Eddie with Bonnie's dog, Lady. This isn't making matters easier for Niles who is lonely and still reeling from Daphne's engagement to Donny. When Frasier doesn't hear from Niles in a week, he begins to suspect that Niles has crawled back to Maris again. But as it turns out, Niles has hooked up with a young blonde waitress at Cafe Nervosa. Could it be that the three Crane men have all found happiness in love? ... well, not for too long. (filmed 3/9/99 & 3/16/99 -- pc142&143)

special guest stars AMY BRENNEMAN as faye, SAUL RUBINEK as donny, VIRGINIA MADSEN as cassandra;   guest starring JESSICA CAUFFIEL as kit, PATRICK KERR as noel, ALICE PLAYTEN as bonnie, JASON GRAAE as jack, GREGORY JBARA as bartender

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