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166.     And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (one hour episode)    (10/24/00)
Written by David Angell & Peter Casey/Directed by Pamela Fryman

After reaching the end of the driveway of the Wayside Inn, Niles and Daphne decide to go back to face the music. As expected, neither the jilted bridegroom Donny nor the abandoned wife of three days Mel take the news well; Donny ends up suing both Daphne and Frasier, and Mel makes a bargain with Niles to give him a quick divorce if he pretends to be happy husband until a suitable time when she can dump him in order to save face in her social circle. As if that weren't bad enough, the tension due to these situations cause a riff between the would be lovers. But not to worry, things work out in the end with our little runaways dancing the night away under the stars :) (filmed 9/12/00 & 9/20/00 -- pc171 & 172)

special guest star JANE ADAMS as mel, SAUL RUBINEK as donny; co-starring JEREMIAH MORRIS as photographer, TIM EDWARD RHOZE as delivery man, STEPHANIE NASH as party guest, KAREN KONDAZIAN as adrianna pettibone, and special guest star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA as simon

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167.     The Bad Son     (10/31/00)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Frasier asks Martin to tour a retirement home so he can get closer to its attractive manager, but getting closer to her becomes the furthest thing from his mind when Martin fills out an application for the retirement home.

Also a day in the life of our Meteor-crossed lovers :) Things don't go exactly as planned when Niles gets trapped in the stairwell during a date with Daphne to watch the meteor shower on the roof. (filmed 8/22/00 -- pc169)

guest starringTUSHKA BERGEN as miranda; co-starring EDDIE CARROLL as lee, MARY OSTROW as francine, KEVIN DEAN WILLIAMS AS bus driver

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168.     The Great Crane Robbery     (11/14/00)
Written by Gayle Abrams/Directed by Katy Garretson

Frasier's pygmalian complex gets the better of him when he gets a chance to mentor the new station owner of KACL. Things don't go exactly as he planned when his boss starts duplicating his style, down to the layout of his apartment.

In the meanwhile, Mel tries to conclude her marriage to Niles by escalating their charade. (filmed 8/29/00 -- pc170)

special guest star JANE ADAMS as mel; special guest star ALAN TUDYK as todd peterson; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring JAMES WHITSON as andrew, ELIZABETH ALLEY as margaret, SEAN SMITH as chip, KYME as lucy

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169.     Taking Liberties     (11/21/00)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcel/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

After a death in their social circle, the man's butler becomes available. Niles and Frasier each jump at the chance to have the butler for themselves but in the end, Frasier wins out... he tells Niles that if he had the butler, Daphne wouldn't have to serve him and Martin. To Frasier's delight, the butler is all that he has ever dreamed or and more, but the butler starts to plant doubts in Daphne's mind about her and Niles by pointing out the class difference between them. (filmed 10/25/00 -- pc176)

special guest star JANE ADAMS as mel; special guest star VICTOR GARBER as ferguson; guest starring NICHOLAS HORMANN as alan murchie, FRANCIS GUINAN as ted fisher; co-starring NOEL CONLON as henry worth, B.J. WARD as diane murchie, HEATHER EHLERS as lois fisher

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170.     Legal Tender Love and Care     (11/28/00)
Written by Saladin Patterson/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier begins to suspect that the attractive new attorney he's hired to defend him from a litigious Donny is unfairly running up his bill. In the meanwhile, Donny surprises Daphne by announcing his engagement. (filmed 11/8/00 -- pc177)

special guest star SAUL RUBINECK as donny; special guest star TERI POLO as abby; co-starring BARBARA SHARMA as mrs. douglas, KEVIN C. LOOMIS as best man, ANTHONY HOLIDAY as computer guy

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171.     The New Friend     (12/05/00)
Written by Bob Dailey/Directed by Scott Ellis

Frasier must choose between his loyalties to Roz and his new found friendship with her boyfriend when the two part their ways. (filmed 10/18/00 -- pc175)

guest star GARY GOLE as luke parker; guest starring MAGDALENA ZIELINSKA as luke's date

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172.     Mary Christmas     (12/12/00)
Written by Eric Zicklin/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier is ecstatic when his childhood dream of hosting the annual Seattle Christmas Parade comes true but his plans for yuletide cheer go awry when his co-host gets sick and he is once again paired with Dr. Mary for hosting duties.

Meanwhile, back at the Crane household, Niles, Daphne and Martin take the "we'll all open just one gift" concept too far by opening everything. (filmed 9/26/00 -- pc173)

special guest star KIM COLES as dr. mary; special guest star BESS ARMSTRONG as kelly kirkland; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; PETER HASKELL as bob vernon; co-starring DONOVAN SCOTT as santa, KARL T. WRIGHT as producer, PAM LEVIN as woman at parade; guest callers STEPHEN KING as brian, WOLFGANG PUCK as tom

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173.     Frasier's Edge     (01/09/01)
Written by Jon Sherman & Dan O'Shannon/Directed by David Lee

When Frasier receives a prestigious lifetime achievement award from the SeaBees, he begins to question his life and goes to consult his psychology professor/mentor. Meanwhile, everyone seems to notice Daphne's voracious appetite except for Niles and Daphne. Also Martin overly praises Niles, in an effort not to make Niles feel diminished by Frasier's award. (filmed 10/11/00 -- pc174)

special guest star RENE AUBERJONOIS as professor tewksbury; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring RANDALL RAPSTINE as sheldon hastings, MICHAEL A. SHEPPARD as merrill george, DEVIKA PARIKH as emcee, OWEN DUFFY as waiter; guest caller NEIL SIMON as andy; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

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174.     Cranes Unplugged     (01/16/01)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Sheldon Epps

When Freddy comes to visit, Frasier can't adjust to the change in his teenage son. In an effort to re-connect with the dynamics of their old relationship, Frasier takes time for some generational bonding between Martin, Freddy, and himself by camping in the great outdoors. Meanwhile, Daphne puts Niles' romantic needs on the back burner in efforts to set up a dateless Roz with eligible men. (filmed 12/12/00 -- pc181)

special guest star TREVOR EINHORN as frederick, MICHAEL PHILIP as jack belcher; co-starring RICHARD GLEASON as hans, CAITLIN LARA BARRETT as melody; guest caller MELISSA ETHERIDGE as cleo

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175.     Motor Skills     (01/30/01)
Teleplay by Eric Zicklin; Story by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by Pamela Fryman

When Frasier's car dies en route to an opera and Frasier's date and Daphne come to the boys' rescue, Frasier and Niles decide to take a basic automobile repair class, only to realize that they aren't cracked up to be grease monkeys. Meanwhile, Martin and Roz come to blows over the training of Roz' new dalmatian puppy. (filmed 11/21/00 -- pc179)

guest starringDAVE (GRUBER) ALLEN as randy; co-starring PAMELA DUNLAP as shirley, KATHERINE DISQUE as chelsea, KELVIN YU as copy guy

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176.     The Show Must Go Off     (02/06/01)
Written by Mark Reisman/Directed by Robert H. Egan

Frasier "boldly goes where no man's gone before"... a Sci-Fi convention ;) While there, he discovers a Shakespearean actor whom he idolized as a child, signing autographs for fans of his Sci-Fi TV character Tobor. Feeling sorry for the actor's current situation, Frasier and Niles convince him to appear in a one-man show to bring him back to his former glory, but memory isn't all that it's cracked up to be. (filmed 12/19/00 -- pc182)

N.B. Daphne-less episode - she is said to have the flu

Incidentally, this is said to be Sir Derek Jacobi's first American TV production.

special guest star DEREK JACOBI as jackson hedley; guest starring PATRICK MACNEE as cecil hedley, PATRICK KERR as noel shempsky; co-starring RAY PORTER as dwayne, BEN LIVINGSTON as stage manager, JONATHAN ADAMS as fire marshall; featuring MILAN DRAGICEVICH as klingon, ALAN HEITZ as fan

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177.     Sliding Frasiers     (02/13/01)
Written by Dan O'Shannon & Bob Daily/Directed by Pamela Fryman

"The tiniest decision can shape your whole destiny..." and thus begins the journey of the divergent Frasiers. With a seemingly insignificant decision to wear a sweater or not, Frasier's love life takes differing paths. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne have their own alternative universes with Daphne's use of cumin in a Valentine's dish. (filmed 11/14/00 -- pc178)

guest starring CHARLOTTE ROSS as monica, TOM McGOWAN as kenny, HEATHER MCDONALD as judy, JON CURRY as mike; co-starring MICHAEL G. HAWKINS as emcee, JD ROBERTO as robert; guest caller BERNADETTE PETERS as rachel

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178.     Hungry Heart     (02/20/01)
Written by Gayle Abrams/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

In a comedy of mistaken identity, Frasier tries to save station manager Kenny's marriage by diverting him from a rendezvous with another woman, but what Frasier doesn't know is that Kenny's angry wife has caught on and poses as the would be other woman, leading Frasier to unknowingly date her. Meanwhile, Daphne's uncontrollable eating has left her gaining an enormous ammount of weight. She enlists Niles to help lose weight but has goodies hidden everywhere around the house. (filmed 12/05/00 -- pc180)

guest starring ILLEANNA DOUGLAS as kenny's wife, TOM McGOWAN as kenny daly; co-starring JULIE DRETZIN as janis, MARIO SOTO as waiter

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179.     Hooping Cranes     (02/27/01)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier's plans to have a boys' night out with Niles is derailed when he is unintentionally guilted into taking Martin to a Seattle SuperSonics game. While at the game, Frasier is surprised when Niles is plucked out of the crowd and offered a chance to win a pick-up truck if he can sink a half-court shot. The surprise soon turns to shock when the unexpected happens and Niles actually makes the shot. It isn't long belong it all goes to Niles' head and brings out the green-eyed monster in Frasier. (filmed 01/10/01 -- pc183)

guest starring PHILIPPE DURAND as jean-pierre, VALARIE PETTIFORD as p.r. woman; co-starring LISA K. WYATT as sonics fan, EDWARD JAMES GAGE as bartender

N.B. Daphne-less episode - She is away at "reducing" camp

Incidentally, the half court shot was filmed on location at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 9,2001.


180.     Docu.Drama     (03/06/01)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by David Lee

Upon being replaced as the narrator for Roz's radio documentary on space exploration by a living legend, Frasier attempts to undermine the project and prove his indispensability. Meanwhile, Niles and Martin do a little exploration of their own by reliving Niles' childhood memory of flying a kite. Events take a turn for the worse when Niles can't resist temptation and attempts to fly solo. (filmed 01/16/01 -- pc184)

N.B. Daphne-less episode

Here's an article on what John Glenn had to say about his experience and here's what um... UFO enthusiasts had to say about his appearance :)

special appearance by JOHN GLENN; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny, ROB MOORE as b.k.; co-starring TOM SLOVICK as ed, KATE LUHR as april; guest callerHAL PRINCE as fred

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181.     It Takes Two To Tangle     (03/27/01)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Wil Shriner

After hearing of the pending demise of their high school, Frasier and Niles desperately search for a wealthy patron to bring Bryce Academy back from financial ruin. They have their eyes an affluent matron, who starts dating their dad. However, their prospects don't look too bright when Martin takes his newfound role as a playboy a bit too far by dating another woman on the side. (filmed 01/23/01 -- pc185)

special guest starBARBARA BABCOCK as penelope janvier, JOHN MICHAEL HIGGINS as william; co-starring MICHAEL CANAVAN as reggie, DAMARA REILLY as estelle, JAMES OLIVER as waiter, CHARLES JANASZ as spencer, CANDACE EDWARDS as party server

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182.     Forgotten But Not Gone     (04/17/01)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Pamela Fryman

To avoid being spread too thin, Frasier resigns from the Wine Club when he begins hosting a new feature on KACL called "The Wine Corner" during Gil Chesterton's "Restaurant Beat." Niles, who has been re-elected "Corkmaster" after a contentious battle for the title — once again with Frasier — feels that his thunder has been taken over by Frasier yet again and prohibits the members from calling into Frasier's new show. This sets off a battle between the Brothers Crane as only they can :) Meanwhile, Martin is miserable that he has to contend with a drill sergeant of a physical therapist during Daphne's absence until he gets a taste of her cooking. (filmed 02/06/01 -- pc186)

guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny, JENNIFER COOLIDGE as frederica, CHARLE CIOFFI as endicott, DAVID NOROŅA as lance; co-starring JONATHAN McMURTRY as reynolds, RICHARD STRETCHBERRY as hefflewhite; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

183.     Daphne Returns     (05/01/01)
Written by Dan O'Shannon & Bob Daily/Directed by Pamela Fryman

As the title suggests, Daphne returns. Niles gladly welcomes her home expecting to take their relationship to the next level, only to discover that there is a distance between them. During her stay at the weight-reducing spa, the staff therapist has enlightened Daphne about the reasons for her overeating — Daphne's subconscious fear of ruining Niles's idealized image of her that he has built over the seven years he's worshipped her from afar. Niles' derision of this new insight causes a riff between them which results in Niles seeking advice from Frasier by examining Niles and Daphne's past relationship — ah, the wonders of modern technology :). Meanwhile, Roz ponders writing a children's book with a familiar story. (filmed 02/13/01 -- pc187)

featuring BRYAN McMILLEN as patient

184.     The Wizard and Roz     (05/08/01)
Written by Saladin K. Patterson/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Frasier gets bent out of shape over the fact that Roz has become involved with his mentor, Prof. Tewksbury, but is it due to seeing his mentor in a new light or jealousy? Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne try to scientifically test out Daphne's psychic ability. (filmed 03/27/01 -- pc192)

special guest star RENE AUBERJONOIS as dr. tewksbury, special guest star FISHER STEVENS as dr. morey; featuring BENJAMIN STEPHENS as student

185/186.     Semi-Decent Proposal/A Passing Fancy (one hour episode)    (05/15/01)
Written by Lori Kirkland (SDP) & Jon Sherman (APF)/Directed by Katy Garretson (SDP) & Kelsey Grammer (APF)

Frasier's high school crush, Lorna (now Lana) returns with a "semi-decent proposal" for Frasier — she'll get him a date with Claire, someone he has his eyes on, if he tutors her son, Kirby, in history. Frasier makes a couple of "semi-decent proposals" of his own with both Kirby (he is promised a date with Roz if he does well in his finals) and Roz (well... it has Frasier in a sleeping bag on the streets :)) Meanwhile, Niles tries to get used to sleeping on the same bed with the very physical and very asleep Daphne. (filmed 02/21/01 & 03/06/01 -- pc188 & 189)

Lorna's name has changed to Lana... legal reasons.

NB: Check out the slogan on the kid's t-shirt :)

special guest star JEAN SMART as lana; special guest star PATRICIA CLARKSON as claire; guest starring BRIAN KLUGMAN as kirby, J. PAUL BOEHMER as neil; co-starring IRENE WHITE as cashier, JONATHAN FICCADENTI as kirby's friend, CHRISTIAN AUBERT as matre d' [sic], MICHAEL ROTHHAAR as party guest, LYNNDI SCOTT as party guest, KEITH RAYVE as guy in line

187.     A Day in May     (05/22/01)
Written by Eric Zicklin & Lori Kirkland & /Directed by Kelsey Grammer

A day in May in the life of the Crane gang... Martin confronts his shooter at his parole hearing; Frasier is roped into helping sell the house of a grieved man by Lana; and Niles, jealous of a male friend of Daphne's at the dog park, comes up with the idea of giving each other one "irrational demand." (filmed 03/20/01 -- pc191)

special guest star JEAN SMART as lana; special guest star TOM VERICA as jim; guest starring PATRICK BREEN as phillip, MARY-JOAN NEGRO as joanne, GLORIA LeROY as mrs. smolenski, WILLIAM BIFF McGUIRE as mr. smolenski; co-starring MARK DURBIN as david hicks, CYNDI MARTINO as board member, STEVE STAPENHORST as board member, MARK WITHERS as board member

188.     Cranes Go Caribbean     (05/22/01)
Written by Mark Reisman & Rob Hanning/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier decided to take Claire, whom he thinks is his perfect match, on a trip to Belize. However, his trip doesn't turn out exactly the way he planned; Martin decides to go fishing with Duke during the same weekend and Niles and Daphne decide to celebrate their year anniversary there as well. But worst of all, Frasier has a dream of being with Lana. He calls Lilith, a friend and a fellow psychiatrist, to seek her advice. Could he be with the wrong woman? (filmed 03/13/01 -- pc190)

special guest star JEAN SMART as lana; guest starring PATRICIA CLARKSON as claire; co-starring REGI DAVIS as hotel manager, BERNARD K. ADDISON as waiter, TERRI HOYOS as hostess; and BEBE NEUWIRTH as lilith

The bate shop man chasing Niles and Daphne with a hammer in the end credits is frequent "Frasier" director, Sheldon Epps :)

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