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73.     The Two Mrs. Cranes     (09/17/96)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by David Lee

Daphne's ex-fiancé, Clive, comes to Seattle to try and rekindle their relationship. Thinking he's the same lazy layabout he always was, Daphne tells him she's married - to Niles! The whole family plays along for various reasons, but when Daphne learns Clive is now a successful business man, she tries to get out of her "marriage".

Guest Starring SCOTT ATKINSON as Clive, EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton

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74.     Love Bites Dog     (09/24/96)
Written by Suzanne Martin/Directed by Jeff Melman

When a friend Roz sets up Frasier with ends up going out with Bulldog instead, Frasier's feelings are bruised. But when Bulldog gets dumped, he's so distraught that Frasier must host the Gonzo Sports Show, while Niles gives Bulldog a session in the men's room.

Guest Starring JEN CAMPBELL as Sharon, MICHAEL WHALEY as Pete, KAY E. KUTER as Wino; Guest Callers MARV ALBERT as Jerry, JULIUS "Dr. J" ERVING as Mike, BOB COSTAS as Jake

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75.     The Impossible Dream     (10/15/96)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by David Lee

Recurring sexual dreams starring the station's own Gil Chesterton has a tormented Frasier grasping for possible interpretations.

Guest Starring EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton; Co-Starring BYRNE PIVEN as Dr. Sigmund Freud, LISA MELILLI as Dream Girl, PAULEY P. as Rebecca, BETTE RAE as Elizabeth; Guest Callers KIERAN CULKIN as Jimmy, CHRISTOPHER DURANG as Rudy

76.     A Crane's Critique     (10/22/96)
Written by Dan Cohen, F.J. Pratt/Directed by Jeff Melman

While having a coffee at Café Nervosa, Frasier and Niles spot T.H. Houghton, one of their all-time favorite authors. Encouraged by Roz, they go to approach him, but with a slow Martin in tow, they lose sight of the author. They leave Martin at a neighborhood bar while they continue the search. When they return, unsuccessful, they discover the author sitting with Martin, talking.

Special Guest Star ROBERT PROSKY as T.H. Houghton; Co-Starring STEVEN POTBLATT as Bar Patron

77.     Head Game     (11/12/96)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by David Lee

Before heading off to Aspen for a radio psychiatrists' convention, Frasier calls in a favor Niles has owed him, and gets his brother to do the radio show for a week. On his first day, Niles is introduced to a star basketball player in a slump, whom Niles' manages to help by involuntarily offering something off the top of his head.

Guest Starring LORENZO NEWTON as Reggie; Co-Starring KEN MAGEE as Guard, STU LANTZ as Sportscaster, LOREN LAZERINE as Fan, LISA DERGEN as Cheerleader, CHRISTOPHER M. BROWN as Lenny, GEOFF CALLAN as Hank, JIM GRACI as Game Announcer; Guest Caller WENDY WASSERSTEIN as Linda


78.     Mixed Doubles     (11/19/96)
Written by Christopher Lloyd/Directed by David Lee

Daphne has been dumped by her boyfriend, Joe, and Niles thinks it's time Daphne knew how he feels about her. Frasier convinces him to give Daphne a little time and wait another day, and by then it's too late; Daphne has found a new boyfriend, a man who could be Niles' twin!

Guest Starring KEVIN FARRELL as Rodney, ALLISON MACKIE as Adelle

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79.     A Lilith Thanksgiving     (11/26/96)
Written by Anne Flett-Giordano/Directed by Jeff Melman

The Cranes' Thanksgiving plans in Seattle are changed at the last minute when Lilith and Frasier must attend an interview to try and secure the only available spot in Boston's most exclusive private school for Frederick.

Special Guest Star BEBE NEUWIRTH as Lilith; Guest Starring PAXTON WHITEHEAD as Dr. Campbell, TREVOR EINHORN as Frederick, LISA BANES as Pamela, JANE LUNCH as Cynthia; Co-Starring RICHARD GILBERT HILL as Elliot, JOHN PROSKY as Preston

80.     Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven     (12/09/96)
Written by Michael Kaplan/Directed by Jeff Melman

Martin feels bad that he is never able to do anything for his sons. In an effort to finally get Frasier something he likes, he buys a painting which Frasier just hates. Frasier tries hard to like it, since he doesn't want to hurt Martin's feelings, but the truth finally comes out.

Co-Starring NICHOLAS WALKER as Francois; Guest Caller JOHN CUSACK as Greg

81.     Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine     (01/07/97)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by James Burrows

After a relieving breakup with his lady cop friend, Martin announces to Frasier and Niles that there has been a new woman in his life for the past two weeks - Sherry Dempsey. She's flashy, bouncy and colorful, qualities Frasier and Niles find appalling, but they try to hide this from their unsuspecting father.

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry; Guest Starring JANE KACZMAREK as Maureen

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82.     Liar! Liar!     (01/14/97)
Written by Anne Flett-Giordano, Chuck Ranberg/Directed by James Burrows

Roz's lie to her grandmother about winning a SeaBea award causes Frasier to question whether or not lying is acceptable in certain circumstances. Frasier and Niles admit that they once pulled the fire alarm in prep school and blamed it on one of the bullies. When Frasier checks up on the bully and discovers he's in jail, he must know if it was this lie which started the bully's life of crime.

Guest Starring CARLENE WATKINS as Susan Rajeski, SAUL STEIN as John Rajeski; Co-Starring LUCK HARI as Waitress, ROSEY BROWN as Prisoner

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83.     Three Days Of The Condo     (01/21/97)
Written by Michael Kaplan/Directed by David Lee

Frasier contends he and others are being treated unfairly by the building's board committee and decides to run in the current election. He has a lot of support thrown behind him, but Martin's little incident in the building's Jacuzzi jeopardizes his popularity among the residents.

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry; Guest Starring DANA IVEY as Ms. Langer, CHRISTOPHER TEMPLETON as Molly, and AUSTIN PENDLETON as Dr. Dorfman

84.     Death And The Dog     (02/11/97)
Written by Suzanne Martin/Directed by James Burrows

Eddie is depressed, and Martin calls in a dog psychiatrist to evaluate any potential problems the dog is experiencing. Is Eddie getting his depression from someone in the family?

Guest Starring ZELJKO IVANEK as Dr. Arnold Shaw; Co-Starring TOM LAGLEDER as Dr. Stephen Kagen; Guest Caller PATTY DUKE as Alice

85.     Four For The Seesaw     (02/18/97)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Jeff Melman

CafÈ Nervosa is packed and there's not one table to be had, so Frasier and Niles take a chance and ask to join two ladies at their table, which is half free. Before they know it, the foursome hit it off and end up at a cabin in the woods that weekend, where Frasier and Niles deal with mixed signals.

Guest Starring LISA DARR as Laura, MEGAN MULLALLY as Beth; Co-Starring ANDREW ECKLER as Dr. Claman

86.     To Kill A Talking Bird     (02/25/97)
Written by Jeffrey Richman/Directed by David Lee

Niles has moved to Seattle's most fashionable address, The Montana, and seeks to make friends by throwing a small cocktail party at his place. But when Niles' new talking parrot attaches itself to his head, Frasier must play host while Niles hides out in the kitchen.

Special Guest Star PATRICIA WETTIG as Stephanie; Guest Starring ROSEMARY MURPHY as Carol Larkin; Co-Starring NANCY LINARI as Elaine Hensley, JACK SYDOW as Alfred Larkin, WAYNE ALEXANDER as Peter Soutendeck, BRANDI BURKETT as Wella, LISA AKEY as Christine


87.     Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead     (03/11/97)
Written by William Walker/Directed by Jeff Melman

Roz must do community service at an old age home, and isn't too pleased about it. Needless to say, she becomes less so, once two of her charges die during a visit. Frasier assures her she's not the angel of death, and gets her to return to her duties, where she tries to overcome her uncomfortability around the elderly.

Special Guest Star JAMES EARL JONES as Norman; Guest Starring LOIS SMITH as Moira; Guest Caller ERIC ROBERTS as Chet


88.     The Unnatural     (04/01/97)
Written by Michael Kaplan/Directed by Pam Fryman

Frederick is in Seattle to see his dad, and since his son doesn't often visit, Frasier wants to be the perfect father. When Frasier has to play in a KACL softball game, Martin takes him to the batting cages; Frasier is hoping that Frederick might not yet have to learn that his father just ain't perfect...

Guest Starring TREVOR EINHORN as Frederick; Special Appearance by BOBBY SHERMAN

89.     Roz's Turn     (04/15/97)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by Joyce Gittlin

A time slot becomes free at KACL, and Roz excitedly auditions for her own show, something she's always wanted. She is the station's front-runner until Bebe -acting on what she believes were Frasier's true feelings - threatens the station manager that Frasier will quit if he loses Roz as his producer. It is a another of Bebe's many bluffs that ends up hitting the mark, and Roz is passed over. An upset Roz convinces Frasier to deal with Bebe's unscrupulous behavior.

Guest Starring HARRIET SANSOM HARRIS as Bebe Glazer, KATHRYN JOOSTEN as Vera, DOUG CARFRAE as Professor Pete

90.     Ham Radio     (04/22/97)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by David Lee

Frasier organizes a recreation of KACL's first mystery theater broadcast on the station's 50th anniversary. But with the perfectionist doctor in charge, things are bound to go nutty...

Guest Starring EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton, PATRICK KERR as Noel Shempsky, RICHARD EASTON as Mel White; Co-Starring HOPE ALLEN as Maxine, JACK BETTS as Ian

91.     Three Dates And A Breakup (one hour episode)     (04/29/97)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by Jeff Melman

Frasier can't believe his good fortune when not one, but three women express a romantic interest in him during a theater benefit he is hosting. Meanwhile, Martin and Sherry argue and break up.

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry; Guest Starring REBECCAH BUSH as Kimberly Egan, DONNA BULLOCK as Adair Peck, MARIA DEL MAR as Leslie Wellman; Co-StarringPAULEY P. as Waitress, JEFFREY CORBETT as John Coughlin; Guest Caller DAVID BENOIT as Doug

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92.     Daphne Hates Sherry     (05/06/97)
Written by Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Daphne and Sherry clash, and a fed-up Daphne runs to Niles' place to seek solace. She asks to spend the night and Niles is more than thrilled, but their steamy situation is interrupted when Daphne remembers she's left her thyroid pills back at Frasier's...

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry; Co-Starring ROGER KELLER as Coughing Man

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93.     Are You Being Served?     (05/13/97)
Written by William Lucas Walker/Directed by Gordon Hunt

Spurred on by journal entries made by his late mother, Niles feels it's time to finally stand up to Maris, and so he decides to sign the divorce papers she sent him.

Guest Starring ALAN WILDER as Leo; Co-Starring MICHAEL McFALL as Messenger, LUCK HARI as Waitress, GERRY GIBSON as Tom

94.     Ask Me No Questions     (05/21/97)
Written by Dan Cohen, F.J. Pratt/Directed by Jeff Melman

Niles offhandedly asks Frasier if he believes that Niles and Maris were meant to be together. Niles almost immediately forgets the question but Frasier, overanalyzing as usual, argues with himself and others over how he should reply to Niles' question.

Guest Starring CINDY KATZ as Elise, IRENE OLGA LOPEZ as Marta; Co-Starring LUCK HARI as Waitress

95.     Odd Man Out     (05/21/97)
Written by Suzanne Martin/Directed by Jeff Melman

When a cultured, interesting woman flying into Seattle leaves two messages on Frasier's answering machine by mistake, he wonders whether or not he should go to meet her at the airport. In the spirit of spontaneity - and out of sheer loneliness - he decides to throw caution to the wind and go.

Special Guest Star LINDA HAMILTON as Laura; Co-Starring LISA COLES as Woman at Airport, MILES MARSICO as Johnny, JOSHUA GREENE as Ethan, CARL REGGIARDO as Maitre D', TOM ASTOR as Waiter, KRIS EDLUND as Amanda, DULCY ROGERS as Woman with Chair, LAYNE BEAMER as Husband


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