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96.     Frasier's Imaginary Friend     (9/23/97)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by David Lee

Continuing with where the season 4 finale left off, Frasier meets a super model/zoologist on a plane to Mexico. She wants her relationship with Frasier to remain a secret, and makes him promise he won't tell anyone. He cannot resist the urge to gloat, though, and when they don't believe him, he decides to get them some solid proof.

Special Guest Star SELA WARD as Kelly Easterbrook; Guest Starring LISA COLES as Joanne, KIM OJA as Felicity; Co-Starring ANDREW PHILPOT as Waiter, LESLIE ISHII as Stewardess

97.     The Gift Horse     (9/30/97)
Written by Ron Darian/Directed by Pamela Fryman

On Martin's 65th birthday, Sherry near drives Daphne crazy, and Frasier and Niles - despite their agreed upon spending limit - compete against one another in finding the "perfect present" for their father.

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry

98.     Halloween     (10/28/97)
Written by Suzanne Martin/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Niles hosts a library fundraiser in which everyone comes dressed as their favorite literary character at The Montana, and through mix-ups and overheard conversation, it is learned that Roz is pregnant. (N.B. Kelsey's wife Camille makes a guest appearance)

Guest Starring EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton; Co-Starring CAMILLE DONATACCI GRAMMER as Eve, JOEY ZIMMERMAN as Dracula; Featuring MARK MUNOZ as Dr. Krovitz, JONATHAN FRASER as Man at Party; Guest CallerCINDY CRAWFORD as Dorothy


99.     The Kid     (11/4/97)
Written by Jeffrey Richman, Suzanne Martin/Directed by Jeff Melman

Roz lets slip who the father of her baby is, and when the lad finds out, he wants to quit college and take full responsibility.

Guest Starring TODD BABCOCK as Rick

100.     The 1,000th Show     (11/11/97)
Written by Christopher Lloyd, Joe Keenan/Directed by David Lee

In order to celebrate Frasier's 1000th radio broadcast, the station manager at KACL plans a slew of impressive events, including a huge public rally at the Space Needle on what will thereafter be known as Frasier Crane Day. Frasier pretends to be too humble for such an outpouring of affection by the station and the city, but the truth comes out when he and Niles just cannot seem to make it to the rally.

Guest Starring MARK BLUM as John; Co-Starring TOM W. CHICK as Waiter, MELORA MARSHALL as Female Fan; Featuring DEMENE E. HALL as Conductor, ALLEN GALLI as Male Fan, CHARLEE BAUGH as Schoolgirl; Special Appearance by NORMAN B. RICE, Mayor of Seattle

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101.     Voyage Of The Damned     (11/18/97)
Written by Jeffrey Richman/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier agrees to be a guest speaker on a cruise ship, in exchange for two free cruise tickets for himself and Roz. Martin and Niles - who is going to be alone on his wedding anniversary - are invited to come along. So is Maris, unbeknownst to Niles.

Guest Starring STEPHANIE FARACY as Mimi, MIGUEL PEREZ as Carlos Del Gato; Co-Starring JOE REYNOLDS BEECEY as Waiter, CARLSON as Maid

102.     My Fair Frasier     (11/25/97)
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by Jeff Melman

Frasier begins to date Samantha Pierce, a high profile female lawyer, but feels inexplicably awkward in the relationship. In searching for reasons, he discovers that the roles have been reversed, and he is not the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

Guest Starring LINDSAY FROST as Samantha, SHIRLEY PRESTIA as Saleswoman, BEVERLY LEECH as Jennifer, CYNDI PASS as Vanessa, YASEMIN BAYTOK as Cindy, STEEVE ARLEN as Daniel Gill; Special Appearance By LARRY KING

103.     Desperately Seeking Closure     (12/09/97)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Pamela Fryman

When his lawyer girlfriend ends their relationship without citing a specific reason, an insecure Frasier is convinced it is because of his own shortcomings, whatever they may be. He tries to win her back, all the while bugging his family and friends for ideas on what his shortcomings might be.

Guest Starring LINDSAY FROST as Sam; Co-Starring TOM CHICK as Waiter #1, AMY LANDERS as Waitress, ALAN MINGO, JR. as Waiter #2, MATT SULLIVAN as Restaurant Waiter, NICK MIZE as Man in Street, CHRISTOPHER MARSHALL as Customer; Special Appearance by LESLEY STAHL

104.     Perspectives On Christmas     (12/16/97)
Written by Christopher Lloyd/Directed by David Lee

The Christmas of 1997 is not going too well for Martin, Daphne, Niles and Roz, and each of them has a different take on the events of the past couple of days. We hear each of their stories while they enjoy Frasier's Christmas present to them - a massage.

Guest Starring ALBERT MACKLIN as Masseur, CONRAD JANIS as Albert, BROOKS ALMY as Mother in Elevator, MARILYN O'CONNOR as Albert's Wife; Featuring JENNIFER WILLIAMS as Woman in Hall, MARK CAPRI as Man in Hall, JAMIE ALEXIS as Sally, JB GAYNOR as Billy, ZACHARY McLEMORE as Big Kid


105.     Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name     (1/6/98)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Jeff Melman

Frasier becomes restless in his regular routine, and tags along with Daphne one night to her pub, The Fox And Whistle. When he becomes more and more of a regular fixture around the pub, Daphne feels her private life is being invaded.

Guest Starring GABRIELLE FITPATRICK as Clare, RON DEAN as Frank, ANDREW DORSETT as Young Frasier, MICHAEL WELCH as Young Niles, DAVID MANIS as Terrence, JOHN LaMOTTA as Duke; Co-Starring MARK RYAN as Winston, BILL GRATTON as Leo, AL FANN as Jimmy, LAURENCE LAU as Steven, ADRIAN NEIL as Freddy, PAUL CUSIMANO as Waiter

106.     Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do     (01/13/98)
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by David Lee

Daphne discovers an engagement ring in Martin's underwear drawer, and rushes over to Café Nervosa to inform Frasier and Niles. They are nervous about the prospect of having Sherry as their new "mom". Niles, deciding that they really don't know about Martin's lady friend, secretly hires a private investigator to dig into her past, and they discover something shocking, but the question is, does Martin know?

Special Guest Star MARSHA MASON as Sherry; Co-Starring LINDA KERNS as Policewoman, TUCKER SMALLWOOD as Detective

107.     The Zoo Story     (01/20/98)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by Pamela Fryman

The contracts of those working at KACL have come up for renegotiation, and Roz has herself a hot agent, Bebe Glazer (whom Frasier fired on advice from Roz the year before). He ignores all attempts by Bebe to woo him back, and counters by hiring another agent to represent him. Frasier wants a good, decent person dealing on his behalf, but is Ben too good for Frasier's liking?

Guest Starring HARRIET SANSOM HARRIS as Bebe Glazer, ROBERT STANTON as Ben; Co-Starring HEATHER LEE as Toffee Macintosh, AMY LANDERS as Waitress, PALMER SCOTT as Twembly; and EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton

108.     The Maris Counselor     (02/03/98)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Jeff Melman

Maris has become a new woman, and Niles attributes this positive change to their new marriage counselor, Dr. Shenkman. Little does he know that Shenkman has been counseling Maris up close and personal for weeks. When Niles takes Dr. Shenkman's advice to be more spontaneous by surprising Maris in her bedroom, it is he who gets the surprise of a lifetime.

Special Guest Star Guest Starring BOB DISHY as Dr. Schenkman, AMY VAN NOSTRAND as Janice; Guest Callers JOHN WATERS as Roger, ROB REINER as Bill, BESS MYERSON as Mary

109.     The Ski Lodge     (02/24/98)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by David Lee

Roz wins a ski weekend at a lodge in a church raffle she was guilted into contributing to. Frasier ends up getting the tickets from her, and takes Niles, Martin, Daphne and Daphne's friend, Annie, with him to the lodge. A comedy of misunderstandings ensues when their hormones take over. Frasier is lusting after Annie, who is after Niles, who is after Daphne, who is after Guy (their ski instructor/chef), who is after Niles; but who is after Frasier?

Guest Starring JAMES PATRICK STUART as Guy, CYNTHIA LaMONTAGNE as Annie; Co-Starring LISA ROBINSON as Connie


110.     Room Service     (03/03/98)
Written by Ken Levine, David Isaacs/Directed by David Lee

Lilith is in Seattle for a visit, and she comes with news; she is about to be divorced. If this were not a big enough surprise, it seems Lilith has changed, too, and her new alluring, seductive side does not go unnoticed...

Special Guest Star BEBE NEUWIRTH as Lilith; Co-Starring JOHN DUCEY as Waiter; Guest Caller HALLE BERRY as Betsy


111.     Beware Of Greeks     (03/17/98)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Jeff Melman

The Crane family gets back in touch with their Greek relatives, who Frasier had scared away five years earlier after giving advice that Aunt Zora did not like. Feeling guilty, Frasier attempts to mend the rift he inadvertantly caused between Martin and Martin's brother, Walt.

Special Guest Star PATTI LuPONE as Zora; Guest Starring JOSEPH WILL as Nikos, JOHN MAHON as Walt, VALERIE DILLMAN as Mary Ann, JAMES GLEASON as Ed; Co-Starring LORI HARMON as Yvonne, HEIDE KARP as Crystal

112.     The Perfect Guy     (03/24/98)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by Jeff Melman

There is a new radio host at KACL, a doctor who is seemingly "perfect" in each and every way. This bugs Frasier to no end, and starts him on a quest to find a flaw - ANY flaw - in the man.

Guest Starring BILL CAMPBELL as Clint Webber, FRANCOIS GIRODAY as Robert, LINDSAY PRICE as Sharon; Co-Starring DOUG BUDIN as Clerk; Guest Callers JILL CLAYBURGH as Marie; and EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton

113.     Bad Dog     (04/07/98)
Written by Suzanne Martin/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Bulldog is heralded as a hero after foiling a robbery attempt at Café Nervosa. However, Frasier saw what really happened and is steamed at Bulldog wrongfully accepting the accolades. When it is announced that Bulldog is to be named Man Of The Year at the annual SeaBea Awards, Frasier painstakingly tries to convince Bulldog that he has a guilty conscience, and that it shall prevail. And also up for a SeaBea, surprisingly, is Niles.

Co-Starring ROBIN MARY FLORENCE as Waitress, PEGGY MILEY as Bernice Brisco, THOMAS J. REILLY as Father O'Rourke, PEG STEWART as Mrs. McCloud, CHRISTOPHER M. BROWN as Bulldog's Engineer; Featuring ROBERT RUTH as Coach Nugent, MICHELLE CRISPIN as Bulldog's Date, ASHLEY WEST LEONARD as Customer #1, JILL MATSON as Customer #2, DOUG HANCE as Joey Katona


114.     Frasier Gotta Have It     (04/21/98)
Written by Rob Greenberg/Directed by Dan Butler

Frasier meets a young and pretty artist, which leads to instant attraction and a very physical relationship between the two. It is only when Niles asks questions about this woman that Frasier realizes they have absolutely nothing in common other than lust. Is it enough to maintain an on-going relationship? Frasier stresses over this, and asks the opinion of those around him in order to find the answer.

Guest Starring LISA EDELSTEIN as Caitlin; Co-Starring PAUL CUSIMANO as Waiter

115.     First Date     (04/28/98)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Unexpectedly, Niles is overheard - by Daphne! - telling Frasier that he is finally about to ask out the woman he has been in love with for five long years. Unaware that it is her he loves, Daphne shows up the night of the "date" and coerces a reluctant Niles into letting her help with dinner preparations.

Guest Starring CAROLINE AARON as Phyllis; Co-Starring BETTE RAE as Elizabeth


116.     Roz and the Schnoz     (05/05/98)
Written by Jeffrey Richman/Directed by Ken Levine

Roz becomes unsettlingly aware of a family trait after meeting her soon-to-be-born baby's paternal grandparents; Frasier gives Daphne a present for her five years of great work at the Crane household.

Guest Starring JORDAN BAKER as Paula, KEVIN KILNER as Steve; Co-Starring AMY LANDERS as Waitress

117.     The Life of the Party     (05/12/98)
Written by Suzanne Martin, Jeffrey Richman/Directed by Jeff Melman

Frasier and Niles, tired of looking for love, throw a singles' party in hopes of meeting "Miss Right", who shows up at the party and is fought over by both brothers. Martin gets a new look in the form of "Colour In A Can", and, much to his embarrassment, leaves lasting impressions all over Niles' condo! Roz leaves a mark of her own at the party when her water breaks, and Frasier must rush her to the hospital.

Guest Starring CLAIRE YARLETT as Vicky, LYNNDA FERGUSON as Kathy, SUSAN WOOD as Nurse, LESLIE SACHS as Tina; Co-Starring NICK DeGRUCCIO as Short Man, ADAMO PALLADINO as Waiter

118.     Party, Party     (05/19/98) [Note: Followed by the Season Finale]
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by Jeff Melman

Both Frasier and Niles have new women in their lives. But, in keeping with the archetypical Crane relationship, there are problems, of course! Niles' love interest has neglected to tell him something crucial, while Frasier's desire to actually get to know his lady friend hits snag after snag.

Guest Starring LISA WALTZ as Tricia, MARCIA MITZMAN GAVEN as Allison, PATRICK KERR as Noel Shempsky, JAMES HARPER as Karl, JOHN-DAVID KELLER as Nigel

119.     Sweet Dreams     (05/19/98) [Season Finale]
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by Sheldon Epps

On Frasier's suggestion, Daphne and Frasier participate in a protest to save a landmark Seattle book shop, but Frasier chickens out when the threat of being arrested arises. Feeling weak, undaring and "middle-aged", he makes a strong point of standing up to the new station manager at KACL in protecting his principles. Unbeknownst to Frasier, his "stand" leads to a chain of events that will ultimately alter the very workings of KACL, and affect the jobs of all working there.

Guest Starring TOM McGOWAN as Kenny, MIGUEL SANDOVAL as Mr. Martin, MATT McGRATH as Protester; Co-Starring MARSHA KRAMER as Tooty, BILL FERRELL as Policeman; Guest Caller JOHN McENROE as Patrick; and EDWARD HIBBERT as Gil Chesterton

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