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212.     The Ring Cycle     (9/24/02)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

NILES & DAPHNE BECOME HUSBAND AND WIFE IN THE SEASON PREMIERE OF "FRASIER" -- Fed-up with her family's prenuptial complaints, Daphne prompts her dashing fiancé Niles into a spur of the moment ceremony in the city of romance, Reno -- but the newlyweds are forced to conceal their joyous news when they learn that Frasier , Martin and Daphne's mother will be heartbroken if they don't witness the couple's wedding ceremony. (filmed 8/13/02 -- pc217)

Look for Saul Rubinek to reprise the role of Daphne's jilted ex-fiance Donny Douglas for the season 10 premiere!

special guest star MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon, ASHLEY THOMAS as alice, SAUL RUBINEK as donny douglas

213.     Enemy at the Gate     (10/1/02)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

A MAN OF PRINCIPLES CAN ONLY BE PUSHED SO FAR - A defiant Frasier embarks on an act of civil disobedience when, along with his unwitting partner Niles, he squares off against a local parking garage attendant in a battle over principle and two dollars. Meanwhile, Daphne makes her final departure from the Crane residence only to realize how much she will be missed by Martin and Eddie. (filmed 9/18/02 -- pc221)

guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny, LUIS GUZMAN as george

214.     Proxy Prexy     (10/8/02)
Written by Chris Marcil/Directed by Cynthia J. Popp

Frasier decides to run for president of the condo board. Due to his lack of popularity among the tenants of the building, he asks Martin to run against him so that he can take charge, regardless of the election outcome. (filmed 8/20/02 -- pc218)

guest starring MARK VANN as paul, BROOKS ALMY as mrs. richman, JOHN WESLEY as jerry, CONRAD JANIS as albert, DON TIFFANY as ron, MARILYN TAKUNDA as cecilia

215.     Kissing Cousin     (10/15/02)
Written by Eric Zicklin/Directed by Scott Ellis

When Roz's judgmental 20-year-old cousin blows into town, Frasier seems unable to please this raging critical party-girl who runs her older cousin ragged in the quest for the best party in town - while Kenny's encouraging words prove to be a lover's sonnet creating a romantic spark between the two. Meanwhile, Martin's shirking of responsibility leaves the apartment in shambles with his only salvation being the careful manipulation of Daphne. (filmed 9/25/02 -- pc222)

guest starring ZOOEY DESCHANEL as roz's cousin, TOM McGOWAN as kenny

216.     Tales From The Crypt     (10/29/02)
Written by Saladin K. Patterson/Directed by David Lee

Frasier plots revenge for getting duped by a Halloween prank. Meanwhile, Mrs. Moon seeks revenge of her own on a disgruntled trick or treater. (filmed 8/27/02 -- pc219)

guest starring DAN BUTLER as bulldog, TOM McGOWAN as kenny, MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon, STEVEN ANTHONY LAWRENCE as jason, PATRICK KERR as noel, DAN O'SHANNON as janitor

217.     Star Mitzvah     (11/05/02)
Written by Sam Johnson/Directed by Sheldon Epps

In preparation for son Fredrick's Bar Mitzvah, Frasier makes a deal with co-worker and "Star Trek" super fan Noel -- who promises to teach the doc enough Hebrew to deliver his speech at the ceremony, in exchange for an elusive Scott Bakula autograph. However, when Frasier fails to deliver, a distraught Noel secretly swears revenge. Meanwhile, Daphne's discovery of some unsettling information about Niles' romantic past -- namely his night of passion with ex-sister-in-law Lilith -- creates some tension with the newlyweds. (filmed 10/17/02 -- pc224)

guest starring BEBE NEUWIRTH as lilith, TREVOR EINHORN as fredrick, TOM McGOWAN as kenny, PATRICK KERR as noel, COREY FISCHER as rabbi gendler,

Funny how Frederick was born in November 1989; suddenly aged and turned 11 in January 1999; and is back to his original age of 13 in November 2002 ;)

N.B. Due to election coverage, this episode will air at 9:30 pm instead of its usual time.

218.     Bristle While You Work (Part 1)     (11/12/02)
Written by Tom Reeder/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Searching for a suitable replacement for longtime care taker Daphne, Frasier interviews numerous would-be housekeepers -- finally giving way to frustration and Martin's "gut feeling" by hiring a slightly less reliable applicant. Meanwhile, Niles' lingering toothache prompts him to investigate the matter via the Internet, only to discover the remote possibility that it may be a sign of something worse. (filmed 10/23/02 -- pc225)

guest starring ANA GASTEYER, EDWARD HIBBERT as gil

219.     Rooms With a View (Part 2)     (11/19/02)
Written by Dan O'Shannon, Lori Kirkland, & Bob Daily/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Niles' sudden heart bypass surgery causes the Crane boys to rehash their childhood memories, and affords Frasier the opportunity to put his medical knowledge to the test furnishing Martin, Roz, and Daphne with a detail diagram of the modern coronary operation. While trying to stay positive, the reality of the situation weighs heavy on Daphne despite constant reassurance from Frasier and Roz that everything will be fine. (filmed 10/22/02 -- pc223)

N.B. Some of the segments were filmed prior to the filming date.

guest starring

220.     Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Part 3)     (11/26/02)
Written by Bob Daily/Directed by Jerry Zaks

After surviving his recent life crisis, Niles is ready to broaden his world and live life to the fullest -- forcing his new life lessons on friends and family. However, his newfound outlook drives Frasier crazy, as he made an 11th hour pact with God over Niles' health, vowing never to enter into petty squabbles with his brother in exchange for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, Niles continues to put off a frustrated Daphne who is attempting to renew their physical relationship. (filmed 11/12/02 -- pc226)

guest starring MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon

221.     We Two Kings     (12/10/02)
Written by Patricia Breen/Directed by Jerry Zaks

With Christmas a few days away, Frasier is deep in preparation for this year's celebration when he learns that Niles and Daphne want to host the yuletide festivities, igniting a family feud. Hoping to quash this Christmas crisis, Martin agrees to select the location for the Crane family dinner, throwing himself into the middle of the holiday struggle. Elsewhere, Roz volunteers as head elf in the mall Christmas booth and develops a crush on old Saint Nick - or at least the guy in the Santa suit. (filmed 11/19/02 -- pc227)

guest starring DEAN CAIN as rick

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