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189.     Don Juan in Hell (one hour episode)    (09/25/01)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil (Part I) and Lori Kirkland (Part II)/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

After much soul searching, Frasier finally decides that Lana is the woman with whom he wants to be, but soon realizes that he isn't the only one with the decision to make; Lana's ex-husband decides he wants to get Lana back. This brings about more contemplation on Frasier's part as to the reasons why he can't seem to find happiness in love. Frasier gets enlightened about himself with a little help of the women who have most influenced his life via his subconscious. Meanwhile, Niles returns from his trip a changed man, thus bringing about the birth, and ultimately the death, of "Island Niles."

(filmed 8/14/01 & 8/21/01 -- pc193 & 194)

special guest star SHELLEY LONG as diane chambers; special guest star BEBE NEUWIRTH as lilith; special guest star JEAN SMART as lana; special guest star PATRICIA CLARKSON as claire; special guest star RITA WILSON as hester crane; special guest star BRIAN KERWIN as bob; guest starring BRIAN KLUGMAN as kirby, DINA WATERS as nanette; co-starring MORGAN NAGLER as kristi, TED D. LYDE as maintenance guy, CHRIS REED as luggage clerk, RICK NEGRON as photographer, BERNARD K. ADDISON as waiter; special appearance by TUSHKA BERGEN (miranda "The Bad Son"), LISA DARR (laura "Four for the Seesaw"), LINDSAY FROST (samantha "My Fair Frasier" & "Desperately Seeking Closure"), CYNTHIA LaMONTAGNE (annie "The Ski Lodge"); guest starring GIGI RICE (regan "Rivals" & "To Thine Old Self be True"), CLAIRE STANSFIELD (kristina "Can't Buy Me Love"), SHANNON TWEED (dr. honey snow "You Scratch My Book..."), LISA WALTZ (trisha "Party, Party"), CLAIRE YARLETT (vicky "The Life of the Party")

190.     The First Temptation of Daphne     (10/2/01)
Written by Gayle Abrams/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

When Daphne accidentally comes upon the session notes from one of Niles' female patients who is obsessed with him, she starts to worry about the possibility of losing Niles. Niles assures her that it's just a case of transference whereupon a patient displaces their feelings for someone else unto their therapist, but insecurity leads her to seek out more information about the woman whom she sees as her competition, including looking through a confidential patient file in his briefcase and even going to the patient's workplace to see what she looks like. This leads to a confrontation with an angry Niles. Meanwhile Frasier and Martin join forces to capture an elusive chirping cricket that's driving Frasier up the wall. (filmed 9/17/01 -- pc196)

special guest appearance by MARY HART; co-starring MICHELLE STAFFORD as heather, VIC CHAO as assistant

191.     The Return of Martin Crane     (10/9/01)
Written by Dan O'Shannon & Bob Daily/Directed by David Lee

While preparing for the first night of his new job as a security guard, Martin recalls the day he got shot. (filmed 9/26/01 -- pc197)

special guest starTOM IRWIN as frank; co-starring BYRNE OFFUTT as delivery man, LISA ARNING as nurse, MARY JO MECCA as waitress; guest caller ANTHONY EDWARDS as tom; and TOM McGOWAN as kenny

192.     Love Stinks     (10/16/01)
Written by Saladin K. Patterson/Directed by Katy Garretson

Roz finds it hard to reconcile her feelings for her new boyfriend and her level of discomfort with his job as a garbage man. Meanwhile, Frasier throws a party for his co-workers at KACL when he discovers a limerick in the bathroom walls that paints him as a snob. (filmed 10/9/01 -- pc198)

special guest star TONY GOLDWYN as roger; guest starring PATRICK KERR as noel; co-starring ASHLEY THOMAS as alice, STEPHON FULLER as jason, JILL TALLEY as cheryl, BERNARD ZILINSKAS as dennis; and TOM MCGOWAN as kenny

193.     Room Full of Heroes     (10/30/01)
Written by Eric Zicklin/Directed by Wil Shriner

Frasier and his psychoanalysis... Niles and his peculiar walk... Daphne and her funny accent... another typical day in the Crane household? Things aren't as they appear in this Halloween episode of "Frasier." Frasier throws a party where the guests are asked to come as their hero. Frasier dresses as Sigmund Freud, Martin as Joe diMaggio, Daphne as Elton John, Roz as Wonder Woman, and Niles as Martin. Niles' tribute to Martin turns sour when Niles speaks a little too freely with the help of a six-pack of beer. (filmed 8/28/01 -- pc195)

guest starring SOREN FULTON as justin; co-starring STEVEN ANTHONY LAWRENCE as kid in hall, HOPE and TESS CRUICKSHANK as alice

194.     Bla-Z-Boy     (11/06/01)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Robert H. Egan

Tension rises in the Crane home as Frasier and Martin celebrate the 8th anniversary of Martin moving in with Frasier. Things go from bad to worse when accidents lead to misunderstandings; Martin spills oil on Frasier's rug and while Frasier is getting it replaced, the telescope acts as a magnifying glass and sets fire to Martin's beloved chair. Meanwhile, Niles takes on the task of teaching Daphne and Roz the piano and learns that people learn at different rates. (filmed 10/16/01 -- pc199)

co-starring JAMES OLIVER as waiter, LAMONT THOMPSON as delivery man

195.     The Two Hundredth     (11/13/01)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by David Lee

As delightfully quirky Frasier celebrates his 2,000th show on KACL, he becomes obsessed with a missing June 14, 1996 episode from his tape collection. After an on-air plea, Frasier finds a fan who has his own exhaustive catalogue. Frasier fans might identify with him... some obviously more than others ;)

Also you will never look at Toosie Rolls in the same way ever again :) (filmed 10/23/01 -- pc200)

special guest star ADAM ARKIN as tom; special guest star DAN BUTLER as bulldog; special appearance by BILL GATES; guest starring PATRICK KERR as noel; guest callers LARRY GELBART as joe, ALLISON JANNEY as phyllis; guest callers JENNIFER JASON LEIGH as estelle, BOBBY SHORT as warren; and TOM McGOWAN as kenny

196.     Sharing Kirby     (11/20/01)
Written by Heide Perlman/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier and Niles try to take Kirby under their respective wings when they realize that his girlfriend Kristi is related to a reclusive old wine collector who possesses famous vintages that are seldom viewed in his private cellar. Meanwhile, Martin is put on food restrictions designed to lower his blood pressure and as can be expected, he isn't too pleased. (filmed 11/6/01 -- pc201)

guest starringBRIAN KLUGMAN as kirby; co-starring DEVON MICHAELS as lucius; and TOM MCGOWAN as kenny

197.     Junior Agent     (11/27/01)
Written by Bob Daily/Directed by Scott Ellis

Frasier feels the heat when a younger, more aggresive radio psychiatrist is out-rating his own show, but when he confronts his smarmy agent Bebe Glazer about mounting an offensive, he discovers that she's signed up his prime competitor and is farming Frasier out to her inexperienced assistant. Meanwhile, Martin continues to wheedle Niles in hopes of refilling a prescription for his cholesterol pills so that he can avoid a doctor's physical. (filmed 11/14/01 -- pc202)

special guest starHARRIET SANSOM HARRIS as bebe glazer, KRISTIN CHENOWETH, CHRIS BERG; and TOM MCGOWAN as kenny

198.     Bully for Martin     (12/11/01)
Written by Eric Zicklin/Directed by Stuart Ross

When Frasier overhears his dad get reprimanded by Martin's tyrant of a boss, Frasier sets out to make things right, much to Martin's dismay. Meanwhile, Roz's constant swooning over her boyfriend makes everyone a bit weary. (filmed 11/20/01 -- pc203)

special guest star M. EMMET WALSH as richie keckner, ROBERT PICARDO as charles keckner

199.     Mother Load, Part I     (1/8/02)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Just as Niles and Daphne decide to co-habitate, Daphne's overbearing mother and her boarish brother Simon come for a visit, putting a kibash on the move. The usually self-assured Daphne becomes timid and can't even bring herself to tell her mother about wanting to live with Niles because her mother still believes that "her girl" is a virgin. Meanwhile, Frasier has his hands full dealing with his houseguest Simon and his continued battles for territory with his neighbor, Cam Winston. (filmed 12/4/01 -- pc204)

special guest star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA as simon, MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon, BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL as cam winston

200.     Mother Load, Part II     (1/15/02)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Conclusion. Tempers flare between Daphne and her disparaging mum, and Frasier and his defiant neighbor, Cam Winston. TV Guide

In the second of a two-part episode, the Crane household is in disarray when Daphne's disruptive, conniving mother and lecherous, leering and leeching brother Simon come to visit from England -- but after a fed-up Frasier finally boots Simon out of his home and he disappears, Daphne worries that she will be left alone to deal with her mum. Meanwhile, Frasier's war of the wills with a vengeful neighbor takes on epic proportions. NBC (filmed 12/11/01 -- pc205)

Originally, this and the following episode were supposed to be an hour long episode, but NBC in their *infinite* wisdom decided to split it in half and air it over two weeks. Oh, well...

BTW What a genius casting job... Brian Stokes Mitchell is EXACTLY how I pictured Cam Winston!

special guest star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA as simon; special guest star BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL as cam winston; guest starring MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon, BROOKS ALMY as mrs. richman, MARK CAPRI as mr. williams, CONRAD JANIS as albert; co-starring CAMILLE CARIDA as loretta

201.     Juvenilia     (1/22/02)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by Katy Garretson

Frasier is sandbagged when he agrees to appear on a seemingly innocent teen-oriented radio show but is instead interrogated by the brainy high school panel -- and oddly enough, his only hope to avoid total embarrassment is slacker extraordinaire Kirby. Elsewhere, Niles feels compelled to show his love for Daphne in more spontaneous fashion -- even if it means breaking the law -- while Martin feigns romantic disinterest in a gruff but appealing female security guard. (filmed 12/18/01 -- pc206)

special guest star LINDSAY CROUSE as peg; guest starring BRIAN KLUGMAN as kirby, BRIAN T. FINNEY as andy mcniff, TAYLOR HANDLEY as trent, CASEY STRAND as emily; co-starring PATRICK CAVANAUGH as ryan, REGINA McMAHON as lucy; guest caller FREDDIE PRINZE, JR. as mike; and TOM McGOWAN as kenny

202.     The Proposal     (2/5/02)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Wil Shriner

A fussy Niles leaves nothing to chance when he plans the perfect evening as the backdrop to ask Daphne to be his wife, but first he needs to convince Martin to take her meddling mother out for an impromptu date -- and from there, his tightly wound scheme begins to unravel. In no time, Martin has to fend off his amorous date while Frasier tries to keep Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen when the famous chef is hired to prepare a romantic dinner. (filmed 1/8/02 -- pc207)

special guest star MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon; special guest star LINDSAY CROUSE as peg; guest starring DAN BUCATINSKY as jewelry clerk, JUANITA JENNINGS as suzy; co-starring TONY COX as angel #1, MARK POVINELLI as angel #2; special appearance by WOLFGANG PUCK

203.     Wheels of Fortune     (2/26/02)
Written by Ken Levine & David Isaacs/Directed by Jerry Zaks

When Lilith's half-brother Blaine, now in a wheelchair and a traveling preacher, comes to town claiming to have mended his scheming ways, Frasier is unconvinced. He's been fooled one too many times to fall for another scam and is livid that everyone else is being taken in by Blaine's assertions of a religious awakening. In fact, Frasier is so convinced that Blaine is faking both the injury to his legs and his born again status that Frasier would do just about ANYTHING to prove it. (filmed 1/23/02 -- pc209)

special guest star MICHAEL KEATON as blaine sternin; co-starring KARI McGEE as audience member #1, RICHARD REDLIN as audience member #2, JANET SONG as audience member #3

204.     Three Blind Dates     (3/5/02)
Written by Gayle Abrams/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier's family and friends take pity on his dateless social condition so they each set him up blindly with women whom they believe are guaranteed to sweep him off his feet -- until dreaded fate intervenes when he is introduced to an insecure artist and a sexy, good-time girl. Janney will portray an arrogant, insecure artist who agrees to meet with Frasier - with disastrous results - while Wilson-Sampras plays a sexy good-time girl who proves to be far too popular. Nonetheless, Niles , Daphne , Martin and Roz remain undeterred in their quest to hook up Frasier. (filmed 2/5/02 -- pc210)

special guest star ALLISON JANNEY as susanna; special guest star BRIDGETTE WILSON-SAMPRAS as kris; guest starring BELLAMY YOUNG as lisa, MICHAEL PANES as clerk; co-starring KIRAN RAD as dry cleaners guy, MICHAEL POWERS as jason, CRAIG NIGH as graham, NICK KIRIAZIS as clint, MICHAEL MEDICO as harry, MATT HUHN as bartender

205.     War of the Words     (3/12/02)
Written by Saladin K. Patterson/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Freddy completes in the National Spellingbee Championship being held in Seattle.

According to a source, Kelsey stated before the filming, "wisdom derived from severe experience" is the phrase to remember... (filmed 1/15/02 -- pc208)

Proud papa Frasier carefully grooms his teenaged son Frederick for the finals of the National Spelling Bee but the lad is reminded of his uncle Niles' own disastrous experience years before when he teetered on the precipice of spelling immortality. Meanwhile, Frasier must parry backstage parental backstabbing as the judges make a controversial call. NBC Media Village

special guest star TREVOR EINHORN as frederick, JEFF PERRY as mr. clayton, JOSH WISE as warren clayton, PHILIP CASNOFF as dr. bernard gaston, MORGAN DAVIS as amanda

206.     Deathtrap     (4/2/02)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

You can't go home again... really! Niles and Frasier become nostalic when they learn that their childhood home is on the market. Not wanting it to be bought and demolished, Frasier and Niles consider buying the place themselves. Their walk down memory lane leads them back to a childhood hobby as they seek to retrieve a box of mementos. (filmed 2/12/02 -- pc211)

Frasier and Niles let their imaginations run amok when they re-visit their childhood home and discover a skull in their secret hiding place -- and soon, the amateur detectives deduce that the elderly owner has murdered his wife and stashed her bones. Meanwhile, Martin agrees to babysit and hits it off with Roz' little girl Alice, especially when they discuss the sensitive issue of her recently deceased hamster. NBC Media Village

special guest star HAL LANDON JR. as landlord, CAMERON BOWEN as young frasier, CHASE ARMSTRONG as young niles, ASHLEY THOMAS as alice

207.     The Love You Fake     (4/9/02)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by Katy Garretson

Frasier and his equally fussy upstairs neighbor Cam renew their battle of wills over control of their building -- until Martin and Cam's mother conspire and pretend to be romantically involved to irritate their headstrong sons. Meanwhile, Niles blithely tools around in a new motorized Segway ped-mobile that removes the need to walk in public. NBC Media Village (filmed 3/26/02 -- pc216)

special guest star BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL as cam winston, EMILY YANCY as cam's mother

208.     Cheerful Goodbyes     (4/30/02)
Written by Heide Perlman/Directed by Sheldon Epps

According to March 15 edition of Army Acherd's Daily Variety column... four of "Cheers" cast reunioned this week to tape an episode of "Frasier" with Kelsey Grammer. The "guests" are John Ratzenberger, George Wendt and Rhea Perlman -- Cliff, Norm and Carla of "Cheers." The ruse -- the latter trio are in Boston for Cliff's retirement party from the Postal Service. They accidentally run into Frasier Crane -- who isn't in Boston for the party but for a shrink's convention. Take it from there. Ratzenberger says of the reunion, working with Kelsey and the others, "Was like flying with the Blue Angels."

NBC REUNITES STARS FROM PAST TO APPEAR IN RELATED CURRENT SERIES IN APRIL AND MAY AS PART OF PEACOCK NETWORK'S 75TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - Frasier heads to Boston and finds himself reuniting with his old "Cheers" gang and celebrating postman Cliff's retirement party. In addition, three of the original actors - Paul Wilson, Phillip Perlman and Raye Birk -- who sat at the end of the bar and offered pithy one-liners during the ³Cheers² run also will join the gang. NBC Media Village (filmed 3/12/02 -- pc214)

special guest star GEORGE WENDT as norm, JOHN RATZENBERGER as cliff, RHEA PERLMAN as carla, PAUL WILLSON as paul kraypintz, PHILIP PERLMAN as phil, RAYE BIRK as walt twitchell

209.     Frasier Has Spokane     (5/7/02)
Written by Eric Zicklin/Directed by Wil Shriner

Frasier is delighted when his show is picked up by a station in Spokane. However, he has trouble finding listeners when he replaces a much loved veteran of the Spokanian airwaves. Meanwhile, Martin, Niles, and Daphne work together, or rather NOT together, in building a TV table. (filmed 2/20/02 -- pc212)

special guest star TOM MCGOWAN as kenny

210.     The Guilt Trippers     (5/14/02)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Wil Shriner

A birthday party for Daphne sets in motion some rather surprising and unexpected events. Meanwhile, Frasier agrees to accompany Roz to her family reunion in Wisconsin and Mrs. Moon agrees to accompany Daphne to her birthday trip to Hawaii while Niles goes in search of Daphne's dad. (filmed 3/5/02 -- pc213)

special guest star MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon

211.     Moons Over Seattle     (5/21/02)
Written by Bob Daily/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Niles' loopy scheme finally succeeds when he convinces Daphne's hard-drinking father in England to return to her harpy-like mother in Seattle -- but hopes of reconciling the two might hinge on making the old man jealous by dangling Martin as a romantic rival. Meanwhile, Frasier seems obsessed with getting a good report card on his technique from Roz. NBC Media Village (filmed 3/19/02 -- pc215)

special guest star MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs. moon, BRIAN COX as mr. moon

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