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143.     Momma Mia     (09/23/99)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Frasier is instantly attracted to a woman he meets at Cafe Nervosa. The reason becomes clear to everyone the moment they meet her; she has an uncanny resemblance to his late mother. Of course, everyone sees this but Frasier. It is only when he sees an old home movie that he and Niles have had transferred to tape as a present for Martin's birthday that Frasier realizes his predicament and a touch of Oedipus wreaks havoc with Frasier's otherwise perfect relationship. (filmed 8/31/99 -- pc147)

special guest star RITA WILSON as mia; co-starring GEORGE EMELIN as francesca, DELAINA MITCHELL as jessica, DUSTIN TRAGETHON as young frasier, SEAN CAST as young niles


144.     Father Of The Bride     (09/30/99)
Written by Mark Reisman/Directed by David Lee

After Frasier's gesture to pay for the wedding flowers is mistaken by Daphne as an offer to pay for the entire wedding, Frasier decides that the best gift he could give Daphne is "the gift of Frasier" (his taste and expertise) and goes about turning Daphne's plans for a simple wedding into a lavish affair. Meanwhile Niles signs up at "Executive Match" thinking that it is a dating service, when in reality it is an escort service and his new "girlfriend," one of its most valued employees. (filmed 8/17/99 -- pc145)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny; guest starring LORYN LOCKLIN as sabrina; co-starring GREG CALLAHAN as rev. franklin, WILSON BELL as marco, KIPP SHIOTANI as delivery guy


145.     Radio Wars     (10/07/99)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Frasier becomes the butt of jokes when an on-air contest by the station's shock jocks urges listeners to obtain a wide-angle photograph Frasier's posterior. Against the advice of others, Frasier sets out to seek revenge with a war of words. (filmed 8/24/99 -- pc146)

guest starring JOHN ENNIS as carlos, BRYAN CALLEN as the chicken, TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring DAWN McMILLAN as waitress


146.     Everyone's a Critic     (10/14/99)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by Pamela Fryman

When Niles gets hired as an art critic for a snobby culture magazine called "The Monocle," Frasier's sibling rivalry kicks in as expected. Not wanting to be outdone by his kid brother, Frasier talks the chatty, airhead daughter of the station owner into giving him his own arts-and-culture show on KACL or so he thinks. (filmed 9/14/99 -- pc148)

special guest star KATIE FINNERAN as poppy; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton


147.     The Dog That Rocks the Cradle     (10/21/99)
Written by Bob Daily/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Having recently been fired from KACL, Bulldog is making ends meet working as a pizza delivery guy. Against her better judgment, Roz hires him to babysit Alice. The thing she doesn't realize is that he's been deliberately scaring away her dates due to his lingering feelings for her. (filmed 9/28/99 -- pc150)

special guest star DAN BUTLER as bulldog; guest starring MATT ROTH as ted; co-starring PETER ASLE HOLDEN as steven

148.     Rivals     (11/04/99)
Written by Christopher Lloyd/Directed by Katy Garretson

Frasier and Niles' suspicion of each other get the better of them when each thinks that the other is trying to steal the other's new romance. Frasier is smitten with the new next door neighbor who just happens to be a patient of Niles and Niles develops a liking to Poppy, the new art critic at KACL and the daughter of the station owner of KACL. (filmed 9/21/99 -- 149)

special guest star KATIE FINNERAN as poppy; guest starring GIGI RICE as regan


149.     A Tsar Is Born     (11/11/99)
Written by Charlie Hauck/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Upon discovering that a family heirloom is of royal Russian origin, Frasier and Niles set out to prove that they are descendents of the Romanoff family, only to discover that they are descendents of "thieves and whores." (filmed 10/12/99 -- pc151)

guest starring PATRICK KERR as noel; ROBERTSON DEAN as dr. myshkin; co-starring NEAL LERNER as apprasier, GRACE ROWE as stage manager


150.     The Late Dr. Crane     (11/18/99)
Written by Rob Hanning/Directed by Robert H. Egan

After it is mistakenly reported that he has died, our "lovably pompous" Frasier rethinks the choices he has made in life. Meanwhile, Niles gathers up the courage to ask his ex-wife, Maris's plastic surgeon out on a date. (filmed 11/9/99 -- pc153)

special guest star JANE ADAMS as mel; guest starring ROB LEO ROY as phil; co-starring JOHN P. FARLEY as records clerk, MARY JO SMITH as nurse, CHARIESSE LAVALLE as news anchor, SUSAN MERSON as women in café, LAUREN COHN as orderly


151.     The Apparent Trap     (11/25/99)
Written by Dan O'Shannon/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

When Frasier's ex-wife Lilith has a change of plans after bringing their son Frederick to spend Thanksgiving with his father, Frasier reluctantly invites her to eat dinner with his fellow Cranes, but what he doesn't realize that the scheming Frederick has an agenda that includes getting them back together. (filmed 10/19/99 -- pc152)

special guest star BEBE NEUWIRTH as lilith; guest starring TREVOR EINHORN as frederick


152.     Back Talk (Part 1)     (12/10/99)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Daphne overhearing Frasier, thinks that he has been in love with her for the past 6 years. Upon confronting a delirious Frasier, full of pain medication for his back, she learns the truth... THE REAL TRUTH!!! (filmed 11/17/99 -- pc154)

co-starring LISA ROBINSON as connie


153.     The Fight Before Christmas (Part 2)     (12/17/99)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Having discovered Niles love for her, Daphne ponders on how to let Niles down without it affecting their friendship. But is that what she really wants??? (filmed 11/23/99 -- pc155)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny, JANE ADAMS as mel; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

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154.     RDWRER     (1/6/00)
Written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

When their New Year's Eve plan to celebrate at a posh restaurant falls through, Niles and Frasier head to Sun Valley to join another New Year's festivity. Having no luck with the airlines, Niles and Frasier with Martin and Eddie in tow, head to Sun Valley in Martin's new winnebago with the vanity plate "RDWRER." Just when the boys think things can't get any worse, Niles accidentally falls asleep in the wrong winnebago and ends up stealing the winnebago from a couple whom he thinks has stolen his father's winnebago. (filmed 12/7/99 -- pc156)

guest starring ANTHONY ZERBE as clifford, REBECCA SCHULL as betty; co-starring KEVIN BRIEF as cop, WAYNE GRACE as farmer

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155.     They're Playing Our Song     (1/13/00)
Written by David Lloyd/Directed by David Lee

When the station owner asks Frasier to come up with a catchy theme song for his radio show, Frasier goes overboard as usual and turns the short, sweet and simple ditty everyone has in mind, into a big, extravagant number requiring a huge ensemble of musicians and singers. (filmed 12/15/99 -- pc157)

guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring CHRISTINE KILOJAN as tiffany, DAVID THOMPSON as leon, TOM BROOKS as drummer, TOM BEYER as singer; and EDWARD HIBBERT as gil chesterton

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156.     Big Crane on Campus     (2/3/00)
Written by Mark Reisman/Directed by Sheldon Epps

Frasier starts a romance with the prom queen of his high school, but is he dating her for herself or as a trophy girlfriend to show off to his former high school mates? On a side note, a strange encounter with Daphne in the kitchen has Niles asking the question "Is it possible that Daphne has feelings for me?" Keep you eyes out for Roz's date during the end tag sequence. It's Jane Leeves' husband in real life, Marshall Coben. (filmed 12/21/99 -- pc158)

special guest star JEAN SMART as lorna; featuring SELMA STERN as neighbor

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157.     Out With Dad     (2/10/00)
Written by Joe Keenan/Directed by David Lee

Frasier convinces Martin to join him at the opera on Valentine's night so that he can flirt with an attractive female opera buff, but when her mother has eyes for a disinterested Martin, he tells her that he's gay. Things take an unexpected turn when she sets Martin up with her gay brother Edward. And how does Martin get out of dating Edward? Martin introduces his boyfriend... Niles!!! "You're embarrassed? They think the best I can do is an old guy with a cane!" (filmed 1/19/00 -- pc160)

special guest star MARG HELGENBERGER as emily and BRIAN BEDFORD as edward; guest starring MARY LOUISE WILSON as helen

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158.     Something about Dr.Mary     (2/17/00)
Written by Jay Kogen/Directed by Will Shriner

While Roz goes on vacation, Frasier gets paired up with a talkative producer named Mary who ends up taking over not only Roz's job (Kenny delegates Roz to become the producer of Gil's show), but also Frasier's show. Meanwhile, Niles takes up kickboxing and inadvertantly injures Daphne while showing off his moves. (filmed 1/11/00 -- pc159)

guest starring KIM COLES as dr. mary, TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring SCOTT LOWELL as chuck, CARLA RENATA WILLIAMS as louise, AMY LANDERS as waitress; guest callers GLORIA ESTEFAN as maria, ISAAC MIZRAHI as gabe

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159.     Whine Club     (2/24/00)
Written by Bob Daily & Jon Sherman/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

Mel encourages Niles to run for the position of corkmaster of his wine club which he wins. This, of course, doesn't sit well with Frasier who was vying for the same position. And when Frasier learns of this in addition to experiencing all of Mel's quirks and eccentricities at the brunch he throws in the hopes of getting to know Mel better, he is convinced that Niles is falling into the same pattern with Mel as he did with Maris. He is talked out of telling Niles just that by Martin but Daphne sets the "anti-Mel" sentiments loose when she tells Niles exactly what she thinks of Mel in her tipsy state (one too many bloody marys). In the meanwhile, Martin feels guilty for starting to see the widow of a close friend. (filmed 1/25/00 -- pc161)

special guest star JANE ADAMS as mel; guest starring ANITA GILLETTE as mrs. wojadubakowski, ANTHONY HEALD as corkmaster; co-starring RICHARD STRETCHBERRY as virgil

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160.     Hot Pursuit     (3/23/00)
Written by Charlie Hauck/Directed by Sheldon Epps

When Roz and Frasier are stuck in the same hotel room while away at a convention, discussions about their miserable love lives lead to discussions about the possibility of a romance between the two. Meanwhile, Niles joins Martin on a stakeout to catch a cheating spouse for one of Donny's clients. (filmed 2/15/00 -- pc163)

special guest starSAUL RUBINEK as donny; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; featuring TOM GOTTLIEB as waiter


161.     Morning Becomes Entertainment     (04/06/00)
Written by Rob Hanning & Jay Kogen/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Bebe's back! While contact negotiations are going on, Bebe procures Frasier and Roz guest hosting duties on a local morning television talk show. However, when Roz gets sick, Bebe takes over guest hosting duties and falls in love with the spotlight... enough to try and convince Frasier to give up his radio show for the fame and fortunes on television. (filmed 2/22/00 -- pc164)

special guest star HARRIET SAMSOM HARRIS as bebe glazer; guest starring CARLOS JACOTT as matt; co-starring ILO ORLEANS as stage manager, KAREN HENSEL as bethany


162.     To Thine Old Self be True     (04/27/00)
Written by Dan O'Shannon/Directed by Robert Egan

When Donny's best man isn't able to throw him a bachelor party, Frasier volunteers to take on the task himself. However, the things he does in planning the bachelor party might put a kibash on his plans to hook up once again with Regan. Meanwhile, Maris takes to some drastic measures after finding out about Niles and Mel...she gains an excessive amount of weight and goes around spreading rumors that it was due to a botched facelift performed by Mel. Also Daphne relents some of her dislike of Mel upon hearing Mel talk of her love for Niles. (filmed 2/8/00 -- pc162)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny douglas, JANE ADAMS as mel; guest starring GIGI RICE as regan, RACHEL YORK as dinah; featuring GREG ZERKLE as doorman


163.     Three Faces of Frasier     (05/04/00)
Written by Jon Sherman/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Frasier is honored with a caricature of himself on the wall of an Italian restaurant... that is, until he sees the feature that the caricature accentuates. In typical style, he obsesses to the point of insanity until everything unravels. Daphne's distracts herself from the feelings she's starting to harbor for Niles by going on a search for Frasier's breakfast cereal... all the way to Portland, Oregon. (filmed 3/7/00 -- pc165)

special guest star ROBERT LOGGIA as stefano; guest starring TOM McGOWAN as kenny; co-starring LILYAN CHAUVIN as mama, GENE LYTHGOW as maitre d', NASTASSIA SCHMEDT as girl in line, SKYE McCOLE BARTUSIAN as girl in drawing


164.     Dark Side of the Moon     (05/11/00)
Written by Lori Kirkland/Directed by David Lee

Donny tries to surprise Daphne with a visit from her favorite brother. The real surprise is that it is her least favorite, deadbeat brother Simon whom Donny has invited. Simon goes about wreaking havoc on the Crane household with his low life friends and ends up driving Daphne into see a psychiatrist to help manage her anger, who in turn makes Daphne realize her true feelings about Niles. (filmed 3/14/00 -- pc166)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny, S. EPATHA MERKERSON as dr. mccaskill, JANE ADAMS as mel; guest starring KELLY MILLER as holly; co-starring DENDRIE TAYLOR as paris, JANICE KENT as neighbor, BARBARA SHARMA as donny's mom, JOHN DAVID CONTI as donny's dad, JONATHAN BRUCE as judd; and special guest star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA as simon


165.     Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (one hour episode)     (05/18/00)
Written by Christopher Lloyd & Joe Keenan/Directed by Pamela Fryman

Well, what do you know... they kept the ending that was shown to the studio audience :)

On the days leading up to her wedding, Daphne professes to Frasier that she thinks about Niles all the time. He convinces her to talk to Niles about her feelings and just as she is about to, Niles has a surprise of his own -- he has just eloped with Mel. Frasier feels terrible about the situation and confronts Daphne who is now claiming that her feelings were just wedding jitters. But there is no mistaking the way that Niles and Daphne looked at each other and Frasier sets the romance in motion by telling Niles about Daphne's feelings. Niles declares his love for Daphne and tells her that he'd leave Mel in an instant if she felt the same about him. She does, but she tells him that they can't do that to Donny and Mel and says that the wedding will proceed. Just when things look like the end for Niles and Daphne, there comes Daphne in her wedding dress to run off with Niles in a Winnebago. (filmed 3/28/00 -- pc167/168)

special guest star SAUL RUBINEK as donny, JANE ADAMS as mel, MILLICENT MARTIN as mrs.moon; guest starring BROOKS ALMY as mrs. richman TERI RALSTON as miss carney, TOM BYRD as tim walsh, CAMERON DYE as nigle, ROB KLINGMAN as bartender, A.T. MONTGOMERY as waiter; and special guest star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA as simon


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