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222.     Door Jam     (1/7/03)
Written by Heide Perlman/Directed by Scott Ellis

Niles and Frasier try to figure out a way to get into the Gold List at an exclusive spa. But is mere Gold enough for them? Meanwhile, Daphne goes through evaluation to expand her physical therapy cliental. (filmed //02 -- pc)

This was the episode in which David Hyde Pierce fell off a gurney and hit his head on the stage floor during rehearsals of a physical comedy scene. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out and released. No major injuries were reported.

guest starring ANA GASTEYER as morgan chambers, MARK REISMAN as senator ogden

223.     The Harrassed     (1/14/03)
Written by Chris Marcil/Directed by Kelsey Grammer

When an investment analyst does a guest spot Frasier's show, the conversation that ensues between her and Frasier forces Kenny to require everyone in the station to attend a sexual harrassment seminar for fear of being sued. (filmed 12/17/02 -- pc230)

Could Felicity Huffman possibly be the "Bachelorette No.2" that Kelsey discussed in his previous interview? (see below)

"We have a four-episode arc coming up with Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun). We're going to explore what happens between our characters. It may or may not end up developing into something more than we have planned at this point. It will depend upon how viewers respond to it and whether we think it's working."

Bachelorette No. 2, who is introduced shortly thereafter, isn't cast yet. "She's an under-the-radar girl who's going to come in and join the radio staff and may end up being my love interest," Grammer says. "She's a fallen stock expert who starts her own radio show. She can't get hired anymore because she kept on telling investors, 'This puppy's going up!' ".


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