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Welcome to the most comprehensive Frasier episode guide on the net. The Frasier EP Guide was created by Lana for her One Stop Frasier and The David Hyde Pierce Page. In July 1999, I took over as webmaster. For the most part, Lana's original work which encompassed the first 5 seasons of Frasier, remains fairly intact with her synopsis of the episodes and graphics as well as her videocaps/photos. The only things I revised was the addition of episode numbers*, some additional photos, links to various RealVideo, avi, and wav files on the net, and guest star and guest caller lists. I have also taken on the task of writing the synopsis, starting from season 6.

A special thanks go out to Laura for providing videocaps and videos from season 7 on.

All photos were obtained either by various internet media outlets and scanning of photos by me as well as various other contributors. If you have a photo that is not on this site and you would like to share it with fellow Frasier fans, please feel free to drop me a line.

All photos are copyrighted by the people who took the pictures, NBC, Paramount, and/or Grub Street Producutions. And although I did not take any of the photos myself, I have taken a lot of time obtaining the photos for this site so if you would like to use a photo or two for your own site, please drop me a line beforehand. Thanks.

Please note: This internet episode guide is (c) L&E 1997-2002, and may be used for non-commercial and/or PRIVATE purposes ONLY, as long as all author/copyright information remains intact. DO NOT reproduce without permission. Please contact eunice if you have any questions.

* The episode numbers are according to the order of airing and may differ with production numbers. For instance, in this episode guide one hour episodes are given one episode number even though they may have 2 production numbers.

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