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Frasier News Items

Go check out Kelsey's website kelseylive, for pics of Kelsey and the rest of the gang on the set, behind the scenes, and at various functions.

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January 22, 2000 - DHP and John Mahoney are scheduled to participate in a reading of Kevin Crowley's play "Disgruntled Employees," on January 22, 2000 at Nordhoff High School to benefit the Ojai Playwrights Conference. Peter Strauss and Christine Estabrook are also scheduled to read. Tickets are $50 and can be ordered by calling 640-0400. This is the same benefit that DHP participated in January of 1999 as a one eyed jester in "The Incorruptible."

December 13, 1999 - JL and KG are on the cover of this week's TV Guide Celebrity Dish which came out today. Keep your eyes open.

December 8, 1999 - DHP and Jane Leeves did an interview with ETOnline about the upcoming arc in the Niles and Daphne saga. To read the interview, click here.

Congratulations to Kelsey Grammer and "Frasier" for being nominated for Favorite TV Comedy Actor and Favorite TV Comedy, respectively in the 26th Annual People's Choice Awards. ETonline is conducting an unofficial poll for Favorite TV Comedy Actor. Go show your support for Kelsey by clicking on the link and scrolling down to the "People's Choice Awards" link.

November 5, 1999 - Jane Leeves was a guest on "Donny & Marie" where she stated"

October 24, 1999 - Kelsey Grammer's status

October 16, 1999 - As part of the LA Festival of Health at USC, fans posed with Eddie and took home a photo on October 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Exhibitor booth A39, USC.; fees benefit PAWS/LA.

October 16-22, 1999 - TV Guide has named our beloved Dr. Niles Crane as one of "TV's Fifty Greatest Characters Ever" (number 31 to be exact). Niles was one of only four current characters to make it into the list.  

Congratulations to Jeff Greenberg who won for best Comedy episodic casting for Frasier as the Casting Society of America held its 15th annual Artios Awards last week, recognizing excellence in casting in 14 categories of film, television, and theater.

September 12, 1999 - While being interviewed walking down the red carpet at this year's Emmy Awards, Jane Leeves, in a nearly see-through gown slit up to there, described the frock as "sexy, like Daphne is going to be this season. You're going to see some action between Niles and Daphne. This teasing has been going on long enough." USA Today

August 30, 1999 - The Big News: In the upcoming season, Frasier must contend with his boss’ spoiled young daughter at the radio station, and a sexy new tenant moves into his building. "Every year we ask ourselves if this is the year Frasier gets into a real relationship," says executive producer Christopher Lloyd, "and I think we’re more serious about it now."Lloyd also predicts that brother Niles will "meet someone" this season. This is an excerpt from TV Guide.

August 17, 1999 - First filming for season 7 of "Frasier." The entire 200 seats for the filming were donated to amfAR. To read a description of the episode filmed, go to the Frasier EP Guide and look under Season 7 for "Father of the Bride." To see pictures from the event, click here.

August 6, 1999 - 'Frasier' may toss Niles & Daphne story tease by Mark McGuire, staff writer for Times Union. Michele

July 22, 1999 - Paramount sent out a press release about Frasier becoming the most nominated sitcom currently on TV!

June 27, 1999 - The stars of Frasier say, Don't call our show smart by Scott D. Pierce.

June 2, 1999 - DHP and Peri Gilpin attended in support of John Mahoney as The Theatre School of DePaul University gave out Awards for Excellence in the Arts to Tom Aldredge, Vincent Guastaferro, Blythe Danner, Scott Ellis, John Mahoney, Ann Dowd and Louis Zorich. Michele

Show and Tell about the Frasier set on Eonline.

January 31, 1999 - Whine and neuroses by Brian Lambert for PionnerPlanet.

January 31, 1999 - Sitcom Survival by Nancy McAlister for

January 18, 1999 - A peek into Frasier's drawers by Claire Bickney for Toronto Sun.

October 1998 - DHP, along with Kelsey Grammer and Jane Leeves from "Frasier" urged Americans to "Vote -- It Counts" in a series of PSAs.

October 2, 1998 - Announcement for the "Frasier's" Choice Awards Sweepstakes.

September 28, 1998 - Five Cheers for Frasier by James Collins. Interview in Time Magazine.

September 11, 1998 - UltimateTV Promo Lounge gives us a behine-the-scenes of "Frasier" while it was on location in Seattle, shooting their 100th episode.

May 27, 1998 - Oh, What Might Have Been... by Marvin Kitman.

April 15, 1998 - What Makes"Frasier" Tick? Part 1 | Part 2 by Bruce Newman. Distributed by Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

February 16, 1998 - TV Guide article on DHP and Kelsey Grammer.

December 1997 - Romantic 'Frasier' A Screwball Classic Michele Greppi. New York Post TV Review.

November 1997 - Frasier" turns 100 by Scott Teeman. UltimateTV article.

October 8, 1997 - Panelists including Peter Casey, David Lee, Kelsey Grammer, and David Hyde Pierce participated in a satellite seminar moderaterd by Steve Bell, entitled Creating Prime-Time Comedy: Frasier for The Museum of Television & Radio's University Satellite Seminar Sries.

September 9, 1997 - An article in the Seattle Times during the filming of Frasier's 100 episode in Seattle. To read the article, click here.

Tossed salads and scrambled eggs!

Article about the forthcoming 5th season.

UltimateTV's '97 Fall Preview

August 14, 1997 - Love may show up on 'Frasier,' but not the ever-elusive Maris by Nancy McAlister. Interview for

February 20, 1997 - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) presents Inside... Frasier, a panel discussion and screening of highlights of the series' first four seasons.

1997 - Sleepless in Seattle by Christy Epstein. The site also has links to the Top Ten Frasier Sites.

July 16, 1996 - 'Frasier's Jane Leeves on gardening, ugly feet and Niles' odd obsession by Jill Daniel. Orange Coast.

July 12, 1996 - Not Necessarily Niles by Patrick Mott. Orange Coast.

July 12, 1996 - Eddie by Martin J. Smith. Orange Coast.

January 29, 1996 - 'Frasier' writing team breaks silence at UCLA by Rodney Tanaka for Daily Bruin.

November 17, 1995 - Oscar-winner Ruehl will love'em and leave'em on TV's 'Frasier' by Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

November 4, 1995 - The cast participated in Shrink Rap: Frasier on VH1 which featured the cast of "Frasier" running VH1 for a few hours, showing their favorite videos of the 1980's.

September 1, 1994 - "Gearing up for fight night on Tuesdays: Who'll win the 'Frasier" vs. 'Home Improvement' matchup? It won't be the viewers" by Rick Du Brow. To view the article, you have to go through the LA Times archives.

February 18, 1994 - "Frasier, a well-dressed man" by Betty Goodwin. To view the article, you have to go through the LA Times archives.

30th anniversary of Star Trek - DHP, John Mahoney, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, and Moose of "Frasier" along with "Star Trek: Voyager" star Kate Mulgrew, performed a parody sketch of "Star Trek: Voyager."

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