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Too Much

Too Much Information...

Did you know that... the name of the plumber who turns out to be a bully from Frasier's past in the season 2 episode "Seat of Power" has personal relevance to David Lee, one of the co-creators of FRASIER? In the latest edition of the scripts book called "The Very Best of Frasier," David Lee states the following regarding "Seat of Power": "This was our revenge, from all of us who were picked upon by bulies when we were kids...I even named the bully after my sixth grade bully (Billy Kriezel)."

Did you know that... the piano piece that Niles plays at the beginning of the Season 9 episode "Bla-Z-Boy" is a nod to a previous Angell/Casey/Lee collaboration? Schubert's D. 959 in A Major, 4th movement, Rondo was used as the theme song of the show "Wings" which was created by Angell/Casey/Lee prior to "Frasier."

Did you know that... the women who appear in the doorway as Frasier opens the cabin door in the season 9 premiere "Don Juan in Hell" were Frasier's former love interests? Frasier states that they are "every woman I've ever dated," and true to form, the "Frasier" folks gathered the actual actresses who previously played Frasier's dates. In the order as they were listed in the end credits: TUSHKA BERGEN (miranda, "The Bad Son"), LISA DARR (laura, "Four for the Seesaw"), LINDSAY FROST (samantha, "My Fair Frasier" & "Desperately Seeking Closure"), CYNTHIA LaMONTAGNE (annie, "The Ski Lodge"), GIGI RICE (regan, "Rivals" & "To Thine Old Self be True"), CLAIRE STANSFIELD (kristina, "Can't Buy Me Love"), SHANNON TWEED (dr. honey snow, "You Scratch My Book..."), LISA WALTZ (trisha, "Party, Party"), and CLAIRE YARLETT (vicky, "The Life of the Party"). They were all called in for the day to film that shot which took up all of 5 seconds on the show. How's that for paying attention to the details :)

Did you know that... the character of restaurant critic Gil Chesterton is named after a real person? Gil Chesterton is a well regarded journalism teacher at Beverly Hills High School. Since he started teaching there in 1970, his student staff newspaper has received numberous journalism awards including three in 2001 alone. His former students who went onto aclaim as writers include CNN reporter Daryn Kagan, CNBC morning finance anchor Liz Claman, and one Christopher Lloyd, former executive producer and head writer of "Frasier" (1993-2000) who honored his former teacher by naming the restaurant critic after him. (Info from LA Times article "Beverly Hills High newspaper fills trophy case with awards" by Ted Shaffrey)

Did you know that... the bate shop man chasing Niles and Daphne with a hammer during the end credits of the season 8 finale "Cranes Go Caribbean" is someone closely associated with "Frasier"? It is frequent "Frasier" director, Sheldon Epps, who is also the artistic director of the Pasadena Playhouse.

Did you know that... Peri Gilpin is not the only famous person in her family? Peri's dad was Jim O'Brien, a well known and respected radio and TV News personality in Philadelphia in the early 80's. Also famed fashion designer, Todd Oldham, is her cousin. You see, Peri's birth name is Peri Kay Oldham.

Did you know that... when Niles comments on Daphne's weight loss in the episode "It Takes Two To Tangle," it is actually an inside joke on Jane having a baby? Niles tells Roz at Cafe Nervosa in the opening scene that Daphne has "already lost 9 lbs. 12 oz." while at her reducing spa, which is exactly how much Jane's daughter weighed at birth.

Did you know that... the call letters of the radio station at which Frasier works is actually the initials of the last names of the creators of the show "Frasier"? It is the creators, David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee, who put the "ACL" in "KACL."

Did you know that... all the scene tags for "Room Service" are references to Eugene O'Neill plays? "The Icewoman Cometh" refers to "The Iceman Cometh" and "Long Night's Journey into Day" refers to "Long Day's Journey into Night."

Did you know that... the timeless George and Ira Gershwin classic "They Can't Take That Away from Me", the song that Niles and Daphne danced to during the season 7 finale "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" was nominated for an Oscar but lost out to "Sweet Leilani"? The song was introduced in the Astaire/Rogers' film "Shall We Dance" (1937). Ira was sure it was going to win, not just of the sentiment connected with George's untimely death, but because it was so good. It lost to 'Sweet Leilani' because Bing Crosby had sung it and at that time was at the height of his popularity. Oscar Levant was outraged at this and said, "I'd like to say something about the composer of 'Sweet Leilani,' Harry Owen. His music is dead but he lives on forever." Notes from Michael Feinstein's "Pure Gershwin."

Did you know that... all the scene tags from the season 5 episode "Frasier's Imaginary Friend" refer to the titles of Alfred Hitchcock films? "Strangers on a Plane" is a play off of Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" while "Shadow of a Doubt," "The Lady Vanishes," and "Psycho" are the titles of Hitchcock classics.

Did you know that... all the scene tags from the season 4 episode "Daphne Hates Sherry" are all Tennessee Williams references? It begins with "Tennesee, Anyone?" The rest are references of Williams' works. "Catfight on a Hot Tin Roof," "Night of the I Wanna," and "The Bath Menagerie" is a play off of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "Night of the Iguana," and "The Glass Menagerie" while "Suddenly Last Summer" is the actual title of a Williams' work.

Did you know that... the book that Daphne is reading during the end tag of the season 7 episode "Something about Dr.Mary" is To Love and Let Go? Interesting that Daphne would be reading a self-help book on that particular topic in light of the situation she's in... hmmm ;)

Did you know that... Eddie is played by two dogs? Moose and his son Enzo share in the duties as they did in the film "My Dog Skip." Moose is now 12 and relinquishes strenuous activities to Enzo. Although father and son, they don't quite look exactly alike and are rather easily distinguishable. Try to see if you can see who is playing Eddie the next episode you see.

Did you know that... the spouses of Kelsey Grammer, Peri Gilpin, and Jane Leeves have all made guest appearances on "Frasier"? Kelsey's wife, Camille Donatacci Grammer, had a small speaking role as Eve in the season 5 episode "Halloween." Peri's husband, artist Christian Vincent, played the waiter whom Peri danced with during the end tag scene of the season 7 episode "Rivals." And finally, Jane's husband, Paramount executive Marshall Coben, was featured in an end tag scene in the season 7 episode "Big Crane on Campus"; he played Jason the book club guy whom Roz meets with at Cafe Nervosa, he leaves when he discovers her Cliff Notes.

Did you know that... the parents of Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, and David Hyde Pierce have made guest appearances on "Frasier"? David Hyde Pierce's father and Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves' mothers are featured at the table sitting behind Martin, Frasier, and Maureen Cutler at McGinty's in the season 3 episode "Police Story."

Did you know that... "little Robbie Greenberg" the Elliott Bay Towers resident who offers a reward for his pet hamster in the season 7 episode "Everyone's A Critic" is yet another reference to one of the former writers on Frasier? Rob Greenberg won the Writer's Guild of America's award in 1998 for his script "Frasier's Imaginary Friend."

Did you know that... Mathilde deCagny, who was cited by Frasier as being a famous opera singer in the Season 7 episode "Out With Dad," is in fact the name of Moose's trainer? You all know this, but Moose is the name of the Jack Russell terrier who plays Eddie.

Did you know that... Chuck Ranberg, the producer with the speech impediment that Frasier is forced to work with in the Season 7 episode "Something about Dr.Mary" is the name of one of the former producers/writers on "Frasier"? He along with writing partner Anne Flett-Giordano are responsible for such classics as "A Midwinter Night's Dream," "An Affair To Forget," "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," "Moondance," "Look Before You Leap," and "Daphne Hates Sherry." They won an emmy for their script for "An Affair To Forget" in 1995 and also for "Moondance" in 1996 which was a collaborative effort among the entire writing staff.

Did you know that... the name of the shoe store that Frasier shopped at during the 100th episode of Frasier titled "The 1000th Show" was called Lloyd & Keenan after the writers of the episode, Christopher Lloyd (the head writer) and Joe Keenan?

Did you know that... the aria that Daphne chooses to play for the romantic dinner in the season 5 episode "First Date" is "Vissi d'Arte" from Puccini's Tosca? Not only that, it is this same aria that Niles tells Frasier he would like to have if he were stranded on a deserted island with one aria, a meal, and a bottle of wine in the season 2 episode "Fortysomething."

Did you know that... the song "Buttons and Bows," which Frasier sang during the infamous PBS pledge drive during the 1996 Leap Day episode "Look Before You Leap" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song? This song written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans was, as stated by Frasier, from "The Paleface" (1948). This western spoof featured Bob Hope singing the Oscar winning song. This is yet another one of the many Paramount catalog of songs that the "Frasier" staff have used in the show's history.

Did you know that... the song "Heart and Soul," Niles and Daphne's duet, was written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Frank Loesser (lyrics)? It was originally recorded by two big bands during that era. One was Larry Clinton and his orchestra featuring the vocals of Bea Wain and the other was Paul Whiteman and his orchestra featuring the vocals of Joan Edwards. The second one with Paul Whiteman was for a short film by Paramount called "A Song is Born" (1938).

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