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Due to the volume of e-mail, I might not be able to respond to each individually, but if I get asked a question that might be of interest to others AND if I know the answer to it, I will post the question and answer here.

Of all the questions I get asked, questions about the set seem to be the most frequent. So here are a few of the things that most people seem to be curious about...

I love Frasier's sofa, I would like to know more about it. — Mike and Linda

As Frasier mentions in the pilot episode called "The Good Son," the brown suede couch is "an exact replica of the one Coco Chanel had in her Paris atelier." David Lee, one of the creators of "Frasier," has pointed out in past interviews that the line came from his own lips as he and his co-creators, David Angell and Peter Casey, were writing the first script in his livingroom. You see, David Lee does indeed have the exact couch in his own livingroom :) His couch is in brown suede, just like the one in Frasier's livingroom. As Mr. Lee was kind enough to inform me, "The one you see is a knock off of that one, scaled down a bit to fit the set better and covered in Eddie resistant 'faux' suede."

Before anyone asks the follow-up question of where one would purchase such a fine piece of furniture, Mr. Lee states that his couch "was made by a company in northern california who owns the rights to make the Chanel reproductions. I purchased it through Randolph and Hein showrooms in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood." But if you aren't willing to shell out the major bucks, a similar looking Belvedere sofa ("As seen on the set of Frasier" or so one clerk claims according to the article "Have an Awfully Frasier Christmas" by Ellen Katz) is sold through Pottery Barn for a mere $1,600 :)

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I have been watching re-runs of frasier to try and find out the answer to my question, but have had no luck. Here goes...I'm trying to remember who Frasier said the artist is that made the glass bowl that sits to the right of his fireplace. It was an art glass object that they had to move out of Nile's way when he was practicing his karate. I think this episode was one or two seasons ago. — Matt S.

The glass art object is by the artist Dale Chihuly and was referred to on the show as a "Chihuly." Daphne mentioned the name as she was moving it from Niles' dangerous feet in the season 7 episode "Something about Dr. Mary." Although a few of Frasier's art pieces are copies, most are genuine, including the Chihuly Macchia valued at about $30,000 back in 1999. "We lock it up after every show," says the show's set decorator, Ron Olsen :) To view more of Dale Chihuly's artwork on his official website, click here.

Can you tell me the name on the large piece of art work on the wall leading into Frasier's bedroom? We only see the middle letters and I have been trying to figure out the name for years. Thank you. — P.R.

The name that you partially see is that of "Rauschenberg," the name of the artist, Robert Rauschenberg. The print in the hallway leading to Frasier's bedroom is an original.

I hope you can help me. I would like to know the name of the artist who painted the painting by Daphne's room. It has a blue and red back ground with a black and white vase with water coming out of it. I would like to get a print of the painting for a friends birthday, but it has been impossible to do that without knowing the artist's name. — Sarah Ann

This is BY FAR, the most asked question :) I don't know too much detail about the painting other than that the abstract is by Otterson from 1939. It is in fact a blue and orange background even though it might appear blue and red on camera. It was original when the show began (loaned from the gallery), then later copied. Thomas Fay at Art & Artifacts in L.A. owns the original Otterson and is considering making up limited-edition prints. However, a print of the Otterson will set you back at least $1,200 so you might have to be a mighty generous friend to get that as a birthday present :) — info obtained from E! Online

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As I may use your question in this column, please be sure to include your name (or a pseudonym if you don't want me to use your name :))

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